Fast speeds, wide range, easy connectivity.
5G Gateway device

Wi-Fi unleashed.

Talk about an upgrade. Our T-Mobile 5G Wi-Fi Gateway packs Wi-Fi 6 technology into a sleek design, and it’s compatible with our nationwide 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Fast Wi-Fi in every room.

Fast Wi-Fi in every room.

With Wi-Fi 6 technology, connecting more users on more devices is more reliable than ever.

Improved speeds.

Even faster speeds.

Up to 2.5X capacity vs. Wi-Fi 5 and up to 40% faster speeds.

Wider range.

Wider range.

Advanced beamforming extends the Wi-Fi signal to more corners of your home.

The details of better performance.

Wi-Fi 6 technology is just the start of what makes our 5G Gateway an internet powerhouse.

The details of better performance.
Technical specifications.


 A mobile app to manage your network.

Setup’s quick. Just download the app.

Take control of your network with tools that are only a few taps away.

It’s time to boost your home internet experience.

Let’s boost your home internet.

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Already a T-Mobile Home Internet customer?

We’re constantly expanding our 5G network to more and more customers. Jump on our waitlist and we’ll keep you in the loop on when a 5G Gateway is right for you. While it can take up to 6 months or even longer, you can be sure we won’t stop working on it.