The key to a smarter drive.

Keep track of your vehicle and its performance while staying connected on the move. SyncUP DRIVE offers you peace of mind when it matters.

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Service available for as low as $10/month.



• Keep track of your driving behavior and monitor your car’s health and performance—like maintenance and battery life—in the app.


Peace of Mind

• Track your car’s location in near real-time with in-app map views and get notifications for potential break-ins, tow alerts, and more.



• Connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot on the T-Mobile network for in-car productivity and entertainment for up to five devices.

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In-app roadside assistance 24/7.

Hit the road worry-free with Roadside Assistance available 24/7 through our national partner – available in the SyncUP DRIVE app at no additional cost.

How does it work?

Plug in the on-board diagnostics reader.


Use the app to monitor your car’s health.

SyncUP DRIVE lets you find your vehicle’s location, access maintenance information, and more—right on your phone.


SyncUP Drive works with most cars—check yours.

Plugs into a standard port found in all US gasoline-powered cars since 1996. Check compatibility of features with your vehicle and device using the table below.

What kind of vehicle do you have?


Got questions about SyncUP DRIVE offer?

  • For a limited time, well-qualified customers can get a SyncUP DRIVE for free via 24 monthly bill credits when you purchase through our monthly payment plan and activate a new, qualifying line.

  • There is no limit for T-Mobile for Business customers, subject to credit approval, line availability, and, potentially, deposit requirements, depending on the number of mobile internet lines you activate. You must meet all promotion requirements for each purchase.

    • Purchase SyncUP DRIVE through our monthly payment plan and pay any applicable sales tax on the pre-credit price at time of purchase.
    • Activate a new line of SyncUP DRIVE Unlimited with any qualifying plan (currently 6GB of high-speed data or higher) to use with your new SyncUp DRIVE device and remain active while receiving credits.
      • Please note that the new line of service must have the new eligible device purchased on our monthly payment plan attached to it.
    • Remain active on an eligible SyncUP DRIVE Unlimited plan with an active monthly payment plan on the device and in good standing for the duration of the 24 monthly bill credits.

    • If you cancel wireless service before receiving 24 bill credits, credits stop and the remaining balance on full device amount becomes due ($96). For well-qualified customers.
  • Unfortunately, if you cancel a line within 90 days, you're not eligible for this promotion. However, you can restore a recently canceled line and add an additional line to be eligible for the promotion.

  • Once your account is verified, you will start to see a monthly bill credit, typically by your second bill cycle.

  • This limited-time offer is valid for purchases after Jan 1, 2021.

  • Yes, T-Mobile for Business customers can participate in this promotion.

  • If the device you want is available for backorder, meet all of the promotional criteria, and purchase the device within the promotional window, you will qualify for the offer.

  • There is no limit for how many times you may redeem the promotion, subject to credit approval, line availability, and, for more than five mobile internet lines, deposit requirements. You must meet all promotion requirements for each purchase.

Got questions about SyncUP Product offer?

  • Yes. All information is private, securely stored, and encrypted on our servers. Car information can only be seen by those with your SyncUP DRIVE app login and password. When requesting Roadside Assistance, you agree to share limited information like vehicle location to help provide requested services. Please see the T-Mobile Privacy Center for more information about how T-Mobile protects your privacy.

  • No, the SyncUP DRIVE device does not modify your car in any way-it passively reads and reports information from your vehicle. SyncUP DRIVE takes this information and works with T-Mobile's network and the SyncUP DRIVE application to provide a full set of useful features and a great experience. If you unplug the device, your car will be exactly as before you plugged it in.

  • No. For security purposes, the SyncUP DRIVE device only scans and reports information from your car computer. It is a "one-way" device reader with no capability to send commands to the car. SyncUP DRIVE cannot remotely start/stop the engine, lock/unlock doors, or in any way control how the car operates.

  • Yes, very easy. The device plugs into a standard (OBDII) port required in all U.S. car models since 1996-the same port mechanics plug into when analyzing car issues.  This port is usually found inside your car underneath the dashboard near your legs. The SyncUP DRIVE device plugs in easily, like an oversized USB port.