The cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy S10 5G - Our first 5G enabled phone

The cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

See where you can experience 5G coverage now.

Pro-grade Camera

Capture the world as you see it with six pro-grade cameras, an ultra-wide field of vision, and a dual 3D depth-sensing camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone camera


Cinematic Infinity Display

A 6.7” QHD frameless display delivers an immersive experience with brilliant details from edge to edge.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone infinity display

Intelligent Battery

The 4500 mAh battery optimizes your power usage and provides peak performance by learning how and when you use your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone intelligent battery


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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs other Galaxy phone models

Experience 5G on the
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Our growing 5G coverage has launched in outdoor locations in select cities. With the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, you can start enjoying faster connections and download speeds for no additional cost.

New York

New York 5G mmWave coverage map


Los Angeles

Los Angeles 5G mmWave coverage map


Las Vegas

Las Vegas 5G mmWave coverage map



Dallas 5G mmWave coverage map



Cleveland 5G mmWave coverage map



Atlanta 5G mmWave coverage map


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