You may have noticed a charge on your telephone bill for the Colorado Universal Service Fund. This charge is required by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to pay for the Colorado Universal Service fund established by state law.

  • There are two primary purposes of the fund: (1) to make basic voice telephone service affordable in certain high cost areas of Colorado; and (2) to provide funds for grants to build broadband networks in unserved areas of Colorado. The PUC provides Universal Service Fund payments for basic voice telephone service to telephone companies that serve areas with high costs and meet other PUC requirements for the funding. Grants for building broadband networks are determined and overseen by the Colorado Broadband Deployment Board. Payments to telecom providers for basic voice telephone service in high cost areas are overseen by the PUC.

  • This charge is assessed as a percentage of your in-state telecommunications services for local, wireless, paging, in-state long distance, and optional services. The charge is not applied to interstate services. All telecommunications customers in Colorado pay this monthly charge.

  • The monthly charge is currently set at 2.6 percent, which was effective April 1, 2013. The PUC may adjust the charge over time depending on how much money is needed for the fund and to make sure that customers do not pay more than is necessary.

  • For more information, contact T-Mobile.