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Get support for your Sidekick.

A look back at the phone that knocked the world on its side.

2002 - Sidekick released. Keiko the orca released from captivity. 2003 - Sidekick in color. Scientists sequence the human genome. 2004 - Sidekick 2 drops. Parkour craze takes the world by storm. 2006 - Sidekick 3.  Pluto demoted to dwarf planet. 2007 - Sidekick iD and Sidekick Slide debut.  Rickrolling inflicted upon the world. 2008 - Sidekick 2008.  Usain Bolt sets world record for fastest dash. 2009 - Sidekick LX. Auto-Tune sweeps the airwaves. 2011 - [Sidekick 4G logo]. IBM’s Watson wins Jeopardy! 2018 - T-Mobile Sidekicks™ Smartshoephone puts the world at our feet.