Hometown Grants

We’re invested in helping communities across America thrive. That’s why we’re committing $25 million to small town grants over the next five years—and it starts with you.


Congrats to the latest 2022 grant recipients.

Join us in celebrating more American small towns receiving up to $50,000 to invest in their local communities.

Have a project in mind for your town?

Are you a community leader or civic official?

As a local leader, you know the unique needs and goals of your community. This is your opportunity to share a proposal and apply for funding to support your town's next improvement project.

Not a local leader, but still want to help?

You can make an impact by sharing our Hometown Grant program with elected officials and community organizations who can bring your ideas to life. Reach out and encourage them to apply.

Revitalizing small towns nationwide.

We’ve partnered with Smart Growth America and Main Street America, two consulting partners with a combined experience of over 60 years working to help build stronger, more prosperous small towns and rural communities. With our Hometown Grant program, we’re investing big in small towns by awarding up to 100 towns a year with project funding—up to $50,000 each.

Building community, together.

We’re focusing on revitalizing community spaces in towns with 50,000 people or less. Submit a proposal for a town project of your choice, and if selected, use the funds to get started. For example, you could implement tech upgrades at your library, refresh a local park, or break ground on a new place where neighbors can connect.

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Got questions?

What is the T-Mobile Hometown Grants Program?

T-Mobile is committing up to $25 million over the next 5 years to support small towns across America by funding community projects.

What kinds of projects will T-Mobile fund?

The T-Mobile Hometown Grants program will help fund projects to build, rebuild, or refresh community spaces that help foster local connections in your town. For example, this might include the town square pavilion, a historic building, an outdoor park, a ball field, or a library-- every town has places where friends and neighbors connect.

How does the T-Mobile Hometown Grant program work?

  • Grant applicants may enter at T-Mobile.com/HometownGrant
  • Small towns with populations less than 50,000 are eligible to apply.
  • Recipients are selected and awarded on a quarterly basis.
  • Grants are up to $50k per town.

Who can request a T-Mobile Hometown Grant?

We are looking for elected leaders, town managers/employees, or non-profit leaders to submit the details for their project request using the Hometown Grant application.

What should I submit during the application process?

  • Full proposal should be three (3) to five (5) pages. Should include, but is not limited to:
    • Detailed description of project to be evaluated by an internal TMO panel and nonprofit organization(s)
    • Detailed budget, including breakdown of budget line items
    • Timeline
  • “Shovel ready” plan, with:
    • Outline of expected town outcomes, demonstrating how the project or strategy will lead to the anticipated result/change
    • Details on permits needed/obtained, if applicable, to begin work upon receipt of funds
    • Any additional companies/business partnerships to be contracted for the work
  • Up to 5 letters of support from local government and/or community organizations, partners or members, demonstrating community alignment, engagement, and consensus for the proposed project.

What are key submission deadlines?

  • Applications will be open on a quarterly basis with the following schedule:
    • Spring: Applications open January – March
    • Summer: Applications open April – June
    • Fall: Applications open July – September
    • Winter: Applications open October – December
  • Portal will close on the last day of each quarter and reopen for the new quarter on the first of the month
  • All Hometown Grant applications will be notified 30-60 days after the end of each quarter on the status of the submission.

How are towns selected?

T-Mobile is partnering with trusted non-profit organizations SmartGrowth America and Main Street America on our grant selection panel. Both organizations have deep expertise in building stronger, healthier, and more connected communities.

How will winners be notified?

Grant recipients will be contacted directly by a T-Mobile representative of their acceptance or denial. No status will be available before that communication.