Are you with us?

By John LegereMarch 06, 2018

Sunday night during the Oscars, we unveiled a new ad as we embark on the next phase of this Un-carrier Revolution. This message in this advertising is different. It’s meant to be. It closes by posing a really simple question … “Are You With Us?” It’s simple, but it’s also an important and powerful question. And it’s one we’ll be asking again and again in the coming weeks and months. Because “Are You With Us?” is more than just a question. It’s an invitation to people who are ready to be part of something, to join something bigger and experience more than just another wireless service. Because that’s what the Un-carrier is all about.

Over the last five years, we’ve defined the Un-carrier by what we’re not – we’re not about restrictions, not about stupid rules, not about ridiculous charges, not about carrier BS. By eliminating all those barriers and putting customers first, we are changing wireless for good, forcing the rest of the industry to follow. And hell no, we won’t stop!

In fact, we’re taking that same Un-carrier spirit and propelling it forward. We are righting industry wrongs by going up against the big guys, and the Carriers give us so much to be AGAINST. Now it’s time to also show you what we’re FOR ... and why we’re America’s most loved wireless company.

We’re FOR our customers. For unleashing them. For connecting them … to whatever matters most to them. We’re for putting customers first. Period. And we’re for freedom. Freedom to do what you want, when you want. After all, freedom is what wireless – at its core – is really all about.

It’s because we are for our customers, that we won’t stop fighting for you. And trust me when I say, we are not done! Because wireless is too important not to fight for. Wireless has changed our lives for the better in countless ways. It is the single most transformational technology of my lifetime, and it shouldn’t be limited. It should be set free. At T-Mobile, that is what we do. We remove the barriers between you and the things you love.

That is what ‘Are You With Us?’ is all about. It’s all about you.

And, that’s why we’re America’s most loved wireless company. That’s why nearly 73 million of you have already joined T-Mobile. And, that’s why we won’t stop giving you even more reasons to be glad you did.

So, I ask you … Are you with us?