Racing toward success with the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

From seamless purchases to immersive apps and beyond, hundreds of thousands of F1 fans at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix enjoyed next-level connectivity powered by our Ultra-Capacity 5G and 5G Advanced Network Solutions.

Organizations everywhere are reinventing themselves with mobility. Ready to join them?

Connectivity has become a critical currency, but modern solutions are pushing the limits of existing networks. 5G will change everything—and deliver a future of seamless, ubiquitous connectivity.

Fuel the future with 5G Advanced Network Solutions.

Powered by our nationwide 5G network and innovation ecosystem, 5G Advanced Network Solutions are a comprehensive portfolio of 5G-powered solutions and applications. Translate technology advancements into real-world results for your business—at any phase of your digital transformation.

The possibilities for innovation are virtually endless.

  • In healthcare, a new age of connectivity improves patient safety, accelerates medical education, and democratizes access to care.
  • In education, connectivity across campuses powers a learn-from-anywhere model.
  • In transportation, logistics, and defense, smarter operations deliver improved customer experiences and control.

5G overcomes traditional connectivity challenges.


Wi-Fi excels in non-mission-critical indoor environments but offers limited mobility outdoors across wide areas. It’s also susceptible to outages, security threats, and network congestion.


Citizens Broadband Radio Service offers coverage for less than other 5G spectrum. It's costly to scale and not suitable for mission-critical deployments, as the government always has priority access.


Ethernet works well in areas with high interference levels. But it’s expensive, tied down by its physical setup, and less able to support dense connectivity for IoT at scale.

Our 5G network supports the advanced capabilities you need to convert your technology roadmap into successful outcomes.

Enhanced user experience.

Simplified operations and service agility.

Simplified operations and service agility.

Future-proof network architecture.

Future-proof network architecture.

Improved network capabilities.

Improved network capabilities.

Our solutions support a variety of applications and use cases.





  • Critical care surveillance
  • Remote diagnostics and imaging

Use cases:

  • Clinical mobility platform
  • Workflow optimization
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) deployment





  • Learning management systems
  • Remote learning

Use cases:

  • Digital equity for students
  • R&D labs with 5G coverage
  • Smart campuses—IoT, digital learning, security & safety

Logistics & manufacturing.

Logistics & manufacturing.


  • Automated machinery
  • Augmented reality

Use cases:

  • Autonomous yard trucks
  • Warehouse management system (WMS) optimization
  • Automated picking and packing

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5G connectivity isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Explore three managed network options for a flexible, right-sized 5G connectivity solution for your business.

Public network.

Access our shared T‑Mobile spectrum via an existing macro network for secure coverage, seamless handoff, and connectivity virtually anywhere.

Hybrid mobile network.

Access our shared and/or dedicated spectrum and enjoy the flexibility and interoperability of a combination of public and private infrastructure.

Private mobile network.

Access specific, focused coverage with a fully customized network ideal for high-performance applications.

5G Advanced Network Services across industries.

Advanced Industry Solutions accelerate your digital transformation with end-to-end integrated solutions.

Overhead view of cars on curving highway.

Smart cities.

Provide safe and secure digital services and coverage in public areas, using IoT technology to manage traffic flows, monitor city infrastructure, and more.

A truck driver uses a tablet in front of two parked semi-trucks.

Transportation & logistics.

Find out how 5G is revolutionizing supply chains and creating the opportunity for logistics companies to improve control, speed, reliability, and capacity.

A customer seated in a shoe store checks online inventory from his smartphone.


Leverage technology tools to make data-driven decisions, create innovative customer experiences, and drive revenue in an ever-increasing E-commerce world.

An automobile assembly line.


Unlock the value of industry 4.0 to implement new tools and data-driven processes for more flexible production, reduced waste, and enhanced productivity.

Strategic technology collaborations.

With extensive experience collaborating with the top app, tech, and device providers in all fields, you can rest assured that we are well-equipped to help you accomplish your objectives.

Google Cloud.

Google Cloud.

Combining Google Cloud with our unconventional thinking and custom 5G Advanced Network Solutions will help your business meet its current and future digital transformation goals.

Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure.

With Azure’s 200+ products and cloud services and our leading 5G Advanced Network Solutions, your business is well-supported to lead today and tomorrow.


Amazon Web Services.

We’ve joined forces with AWS to help you and your business more easily discover, customize, and deploy 5G edge compute.



We’ve teamed up with Ericsson to bring 5G Advanced Network Solutions to enterprises and governments, helping them to reach new levels of speed, security, and reliability.

Smiling colleagues collaborate over a tablet in the office.

The power of 5G hybrid networks.

Hybrid networks combine public and private infrastructures, allowing businesses to differentiate their operations and optimize their network resources. Benefits include enhanced, seamless, ubiquitous coverage to ensure connectivity for all corners of your facility or campus.

Glowing highways lead into a city at night.

IDC Spotlight Report: Not all 5G networks are the same.

5G changes the wireless paradigm by allowing communication providers to deliver differentiated services. But not all 5G networks are created equal. In this IDC report, learn how T-Mobile 5G assets support services such as fixed wireless access, private cellular, and hybrid networks.

Two warehouse workers gesture to shelves while one holds a tablet.

How advanced connectivity provides value to enterprises.

5G connectivity and edge computing are viable options for businesses seeking to evolve their digital transformation efforts. Learn how analysts at IDC believe you can benefit.

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