Connected and safe public spaces in smart cities and communities.


Connected and safe public spaces in smart cities and communities.

Many cities across America have digital transformation efforts underway. These cities are beginning to incorporate a wide variety of connected devices, from the installation of connected parking meters to smart traffic lights.

“The advancement in technology has fueled the adoption of IoT technology in smart cities to manage traffic flows, monitoring city infrastructure and monitor air quality and water quality.”

Precedence Research, Smart Cities Market Size, Growth, Trends, Report 2022-2030.

T-Mobile 5G Advanced Network Solutions provides needed bandwidth for city assets and resources.  State and local governments have two unique challenges:

  1. Meeting coverage requirements across wide areas of varying density.
  2. Providing a fast, secure network for multiple agencies with different needs, including public parks, traffic, first responders, education, etc.

Certain events, such as a public concert or state fair, may require a private network to keep vendor POS terminals, government IoT devices, mobile phones, and body cameras connected and protected from cyber-attacks.

T-Mobile 5G Advanced Network Solutions can provide the security, coverage, and capability to meet government needs across technologies and applications.

In-demand technologies

Applications tailored to your business

Dependable connectivity and collaboration tools

Mobile connectivity, private networks, edge computing, mobile devices, unified communications, security

Industry-specific devices

Connected body cameras

Large-scale data collection (Internet of Things)

Fleet management, sensor monitoring, safety and security

Data processing and analytics (AI and machine learning)

Intersection traffic monitoring

Computer vision (Smart Video Analytics)

Smart spaces video intelligence

Augmented and virtual reality

AR/VR for command and control

With our industry experts, T-Mobile has developed a set of Advanced Industry Solutions that can help with your digital transformation with end-to-end integrated solutions that can cover a wide swath of land and several local agencies.
Illustrated overhead view of city streets and buildings with callouts Illustrated overhead view of city streets and buildings with callouts Illustrated overhead view of city streets and buildings with callouts Illustrated overhead view of city streets and buildings with callouts

Smart Cities at-a-glance.

From suspicious activity alerts to people counting and inclement weather detection, see some of the solutions smart cities are implementing.

Advanced Industry Solutions for government.

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Operational efficiencies.

Improve the safety and efficiency of your facilities. Our solution complies with safety regulations and provides insights on both traffic flow and asset tracking as well as sensors for monitoring pipe leaks, HVAC equipment, and indoor air quality.

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Connectivity management.

T-Mobile can provide fixed connectivity and enable rapid deployment for remote or temporary government locations, as well as for city or state events such as fairs, festivals, and concerts.

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We provide tools to help smart cities become more eco-friendly, including EV assessment, water and energy usage monitoring, and lowering fleet fuel spending and pollution output through telematics.

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Safety and security.

With devices like push-button alerts for government workers and teachers, public safety phones, threat detection sensors, and AI driven-camera surveillance, T-Mobile can help provide wide area protection from a variety of dangers.

We are with you at every step.

T-Mobile surrounds your organization with dedicated experts who understand your needs and deliver the right solution—from design through deployment and beyond.

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Organizational ecosystem

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Industry expertise

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Network expertise

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Managed services

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Customer care and support

Discovery meetings focused on your business uncover opportunities, use cases, and performance requirements to accelerate your digital transformation process.

  • T-Mobile Solution Specialists share expertise and industry experience.
  • T-Mobile Systems Engineers bring network expertise.

Let us know how our solutions can help your organization.