Meeting the needs of the 21st century logistics company.

Logistics companies are facing unprecedented challenges. Reports indicate that logistics bottlenecks were responsible for 25% of the contraction of global trade in 2021. Driver shortages and the increased demand for omnichannel fulfillment have only increased the pressure that they are under.

Customers are now demanding faster delivery times with more visibility on their packages, creating a need for transformative technology that is nearly as important as the delivery vehicles themselves.

“5G is expected to revolutionize supply chains around the world as it becomes available in more markets over the next few years.”

Source: DHL “5G and what it means for logistics” Feb. 2020.

T-Mobile has the network capability to enable digital transformation. This creates the opportunity for logistics companies to develop new business models that improve control, speed, reliability, and capacity.

T-Mobile can help your logistics company tailor these technologies to your unique needs.

In-demand technologies

Applications tailored to your business

Dependable connectivity and collaboration tools

Mobile connectivity, private networks, edge computing, mobile devices, unified communications, security

Industry-specific devices

Connected field workers

Large-scale data collection (Internet of Things)

Fleet management, asset/package tracking

Data processing and analytics (AI and machine learning)

Predictive equipment maintenance, facility wide safety and security monitoring

Augmented and virtual reality

AR for new employee and worker training

We work with a variety of technology partners to help you develop a curated set of Advanced Industry Solutions. This will help address your pressing needs and can help increase on-time deliveries, worker productivity and safety, and order fulfillment rates.

Transportation at-a-glance.

From suspicious activity alerts to fleet tracking and tank level monitoring, see some of the solutions the transportation and logistics industry are implementing.

Advanced Industry Solutions for transportation.

Fleet management.

Fleet management provides your fleet managers access to real-time visibility into your mixed fleet with GPS tracking, video and safety management, OEM integration, and real-time odometer tracking.

Icon of a truck with a red signal emitting from the top

Asset and inventory tracking.

This solution set lets you track a variety of items, including powered assets like forklifts and trailers, as well as high-value and fragile shipments.

Icon of two location pins with dotted lines joining them together

Operational efficiencies.

Deploy solutions to optimize your operations by monitoring conditions and worker flows and predicting machinery maintenance requirements.

Icon of a gear with a magenta dollar sign on the lower right side

Safety and security.

Provide safer working conditions with tools that can detect hazardous work environments and threats to both distribution center workers and transportation drivers, lowering your exposure to liability.

Icon of a security shield with a check mark in the middle

We are with you at every step.

T‑Mobile surrounds your business with dedicated experts, who understand your needs and deliver the right solution—from design through deployment and beyond.

Business ecosystem

Industry expertise

Network expertise

Managed services

Customer care and support

Discovery meetings focused on your business uncover opportunities, use cases, and performance requirements to accelerate your digital transformation process.

  • T-Mobile Solution Specialists share expertise and industry experience.
  • T-Mobile Systems Engineers bring network expertise.

Let us know how our solutions can help your organization.