Creating a premium shopping experience in an ever-increasing e-commerce world.

Creating a premium shopping experience in an ever-increasing digital world, even before the events of 2020, retailers were already facing major obstacles.

These include attracting and retaining talent and creating a safer environment in an increasingly dangerous world. Critically, with the advent of online retailers, increasing revenue per square foot has become even more essential.

“The U.S. has lost more than 56,000 stores, or 10.7 percent, of its discretionary retail footprint since 2008, despite healthy spending on discretionary consumer goods.”

Source: Allianz, Retail in the U.S.: Towards destructive destruction, Jan 2020.

In order to meet these challenges, retailers need to leverage:

  • Technology tools, to make data-driven decisions 
  • Innovative customer experiences, to drive revenue and create differentiation

T-Mobile can help you take these in-demand technologies and tailor them to your unique retail needs.

In-demand technologies Applications tailored to your business
Dependable connectivity and collaboration tools Mobile connectivity, private networks, edge computing, mobile devices, unified communications, security
Industry-specific devices Point-of-sale systems
Large-scale data collection (Internet of Things) Inventory tracking, automated in-store condition monitoring
Data processing and analytics (AI and machine learning) Shipping personalization and fleet management, storewide safety and security monitoring
Computer vision (Smart Video Analytics) In-store customer heat mapping, shopper journey conversion rates
Augmented and virtual reality AR/VR for guest entertainment

We will partner with you to curate a group of Advanced Industry Solutions that lets you focus on providing a premium in-store retail experience. Our solutions convert shoppers to buyers, ensure stores are well-stocked, and provide insight on store delivery vehicles.

Illustrated overhead view of retail store with callouts

Retail at-a-glance.

From Mobile POS to heatmap activity tracking and asset tracking, see some of the solutions retail businesses are implementing.

Advanced Industry Solutions for retailers.

Operational efficiencies.

Solutions gather info on, analyze, and facilitate the buyer’s journey—from store entry to final purchase—while optimizing physical space and traffic flows.

Icon of a gear with a magenta dollar sign on the lower right side

Connectivity management.

T-Mobile can provide additional Business Internet coverage so that employees can provide a premium retail experience.

Icon of a screen with a Wi-Fi signal on it

Asset and inventory tracking.

We can help retailers track products, from warehouse to store to final delivery to the customer.

Icon of two location pins with dotted lines joining them together

Safety and security.

Provide safer working conditions with tools that can detect threats and call security with a press of a button.

Icon of a security shield with a check mark in the middle

Fleet management.

Manage your delivery trucks and optimize routes to lower fuel costs and delivery times and increase the rate of packages delivered.

Icon of a truck with a red signal emitting from the top

We are with you at every step.

T‑Mobile surrounds your business with dedicated experts, who understand your needs and deliver the right solution—from design through deployment and beyond.

Business ecosystem

Industry expertise

Network expertise

Managed services

Customer care and support

Discovery meetings focused on your business uncover opportunities, use cases, and performance requirements to accelerate your digital transformation process.

  • T-Mobile Solution Specialists share expertise and industry experience.
  • T-Mobile Systems Engineers bring network expertise.

Let us know how our solutions can help your organization.