Unlocking the benefits of Industry 4.0 technology.


Unlocking the value of industry 4.0

Companies looking to unlock the value of Industry 4.0 need to implement new tools and processes that connect their physical infrastructure to the multitude of data required to run highly automated manufacturing plants.

However, global turmoil has exposed many issues, such as gaps in the supply chain, workforce scarcity and retention, and cybersecurity threats.

Still, the benefits of Industry 4.0, which include flexible production, reduced waste, and enhanced productivity, are becoming too lucrative to ignore. The choice of partners in this core priority initiative is key.

“61 percent of CG manufacturing executives have a dedicated organization for smart manufacturing, and 70 percent indicate they have a dedicated budget for smart manufacturing initiatives.”

Source: Smart Manufacturing Challenges Every CG Manufacturing CIO Must Resolve, Gartner, May 26, 2022.
T-Mobile 5G Advanced Network Solutions provides the security, coverage, control, low latency, and capability to support this digital transformation while being scalable as requirements change.

The Industry 4.0 journey tailors advanced technologies to the manufacturing process while improving factory efficiency and safety.

In-demand technologies

Applications tailored to your business

Dependable connectivity and collaboration tools

Mobile connectivity, private networks, edge computing, mobile devices, unified communications, security

Industry-specific devices

automated guide vehicles and autonomous mobile robots

Large-scale data collection (Internet of Things)

High-precision asset tracking

Data processing and analytics (AI and machine learning)

Predictive equipment maintenance

Computer vision (Smart Video Analytics)

Worker safety detection, process efficiency improvement

Augmented and virtual reality

AR/VR for remote assistance and worker instruction

With our industry experts, T-Mobile has developed a set of Advanced Industry Solutions that support your production line and plant.
Illustrated overhead view of plant floor with machines and production line with callouts Illustrated overhead view of plant floor with machines and production line with callouts Illustrated overhead view of plant floor with machines and production line with callouts Illustrated overhead view of plant floor with machines and production line with callouts

Manufacturing at-a-glance.

From facilities control to pallet tracking and remote maintenance support, see some of the solutions the manufacturing industry is implementing.

Advanced Industry Solutions for manufacturing.

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Predictive maintenance

A package of solutions that protects your critical machinery and your transportation fleet from downtime and provides data-driven insights to help prevent worker injuries.

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Asset and inventory tracking.

A solution set that seamlessly combines both outdoor tracking of products throughout the supply chain and indoor precision tracking inside warehouses and distribution centers.

Icon of a computer screen with a magenta Wi-Fi signal on it

Connectivity management

Our 5G network providing facility-wide coverage for all devices with advanced connectivity needs, such as AR/VR equipment and automated robotics.

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Operational efficiencies.

Tools to keep your operation running smoothly while keeping you in compliance with safety regulations.

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Safety and security.

Tools to provide safer working conditions that can detect hazardous work environments and threats to both factory workers and transportation drivers.

We are with you at every step.

T-Mobile surrounds your business with dedicated experts, who understand your needs and deliver the right solution—from design through deployment and beyond.

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Business ecosystem

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Industry expertise

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Network expertise

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Customer care and support

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Managed services

Discovery meetings focused on your business uncover opportunities, use cases, and performance requirements to accelerate your digital transformation process.

  • T-Mobile Solution Specialists share expertise and industry experience.
  • T-Mobile Systems Engineers bring network expertise.

Let us know how our solutions can help your organization.