Teaming Up with Google to Innovate Wireless

April 21, 2015

John Legere, President & CEO

It’s a good day for US wireless!

You may have heard the news this morning about a very cool new project T-Mobile and Google have partnered on. Project Fi is going to make people think differently about wireless—and I love that. Anything that shakes up the industry status quo is a good thing—for both US wireless customers and T-Mobile.

Google has well established their brand as a technology innovator that has benefited customers in a ton of fantastic ways. So, when our friends in Mountain View approached us with their ideas for changing up wireless, it was a no-brainer to team up with them again.

T-Mobile and Google go way back. In fact, we got together to launch the world’s very first Android smartphone in 2008—the T-Mobile G1. Since then, we’ve worked together to bring several breakthrough innovations to market—most recently the Nexus 6, the very first Nexus that will have Wi-Fi Calling (coming soon to your T-Mobile Nexus 6!).

Disruption is what the Un-carrier™ does. Our mission is to change the wireless industry for the better on behalf of all wireless consumers and business customers. We’re on a relentless crusade to bring these changes to reality through our signature moves and our cutting-edge network technologies. So if you’re looking for a partner who lives and breathes innovation − and has a network built for today’s data-centric world and data-hungry customers − it’s easy! You’re going to want to come to the Un-carrier. And we’re glad Google did just that.

One of the coolest things about Project Fi − IMHO − is Google’s new technology that allows them to move customers between Wi-Fi and cellular partner networks based on the network that’s the fastest at any given time.

Last fall, T-Mobile led the industry in un-leashing Wi-Fi, basically turning every Wi-Fi connection in the world into a T-Mobile tower. Now, Project Fi lets customers easily access public Wi-Fi and cellular networks − there’s no doubt that we share a vision that is great for customers.

Since the cellular connection will be made based on network speed, we expect to capture the largest share of traffic coming from Project Fi customers – and chances are good that these customers are going to be riding on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. The T-Mobile Data Strong™ network! If Project Fi customers are anything like our own, we expect they’ll be data-hungry!

And, while Project Fi may not include all of T-Mobile’s latest network innovations − like HD Voice or next-gen Wi-Fi Calling for seamless handoffs between LTE and Wi-Fi –we’ve worked with Google so they can offer up international roaming in over 100 countries and destinations, and we’ve shared the Un-carrier playbook for providing industry-leading customer service in wireless.

Our MVNO partners all share a common denominator: they all target a unique customer set with a specialized value proposition. But in particular, it’s been a blast working with the team at Google. They are our kind of people! Google shares the same kind of customer-first focus and passion for innovation that we have at T-Mobile.

Let me be 100% clear. Not only is this a great opportunity to put the T-Mobile network into the hands of even more Americans who spend their days and nights Periscoping, YouTubing, tweeting and streaming, the brand association is a strong one. It’s been fantastic to pull together some of the biggest brains in tech to drive innovation that could directly benefit tomorrow’s American wireless customers. The carriers have dug in their heels and held US wireless back for too long. This industry needs all the fresh blood and fresh thinking it can get.

You can learn more about the project in this blog by Nick Fox, head of the project at Google.