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HITECH & HIPAA compliant texting, messaging, & calls.


The “willful neglect” compliance problem.

The compliance solution.

The bottom line.

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The “willful neglect” compliance problem.

Employees in the healthcare industry digitally engage with patients daily. Many practitioners and staff wish they could quickly communicate on mobile devices, but complex requirements, such as HIPAA and HITECH compliance, often prevent their ability to do so.

Some organizations add compliance and risk management policies atop a complicated tech stack while others may try to manage by policy alone, banning certain common behaviors like texting or third-party app use. Employees don't want to deal with unwieldy or traditionally slow communication systems in healthcare, especially when they're on the go. But it’s nearly impossible to monitor employee behavior, catch every mistake, and keep up with changing regulatory needs.

Fines for "willful neglect" of HIPAA compliant texting rules range from $12,794 to $63,973 per day.


The compliance solution.

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As healthcare leaders, you want to add value to client and staff interactions by removing friction from your employees’ daily duties. T-Mobile MultiLine helps organizations navigate the regulatory complexities of using mobile devices while conducting business on the go.

Take a look at these possible scenarios of how MultiLine helps cover potentially costly compliance gaps.

Appointment reminders
At Emil’s medical practice, he knows the costs of no-show appointments can add up fast. He’s engaged in a constant balancing act of utilizing sufficient resources and personnel for the patients who are booked versus the patients who will cancel. While understanding a variety of reasons—scheduling conflicts, financial concerns, or even behavior—can lead to a no-show, Emil wants a better way to predict cancellations.

The solution? He adopted a system of sending appointment reminders over phone calls and texts, which he can get from MultiLine for automatic recording and archiving patient communications for regulatory reporting. ** Now his patients are more aware of upcoming appointments while Emil’s operational efficiency improves, and the no-show costs decrease.

Home healthcare
Elizabeth is the director of an agency of home healthcare clinicians. Her workers need timely information on patients to improve quality of care. Weak and lagging patient communication systems in healthcare directly impact how providers prescribe medicine and can lead to low quality of care and unfinished patient profiles. Home health care employees rely on text messages to give patients care instructions or address questions.

The solution? Because many messaging apps can increase gaps in compliance, Elizabeth uses T-Mobile MultiLine. MultiLine provides patients with the option to opt in to send/receive messages with their clinician, which are then captured and stored centrally for HIPAA-compliant messaging and quality assurance. With real-time conversations with patients, providing care won’t be delayed or interrupted.


The bottom line.

T-Mobile MultiLine helps remove several of the HITECH and HIPAA compliance burdens your employees face. The result: Organizations can reduce human error, increase security and privacy in healthcare settings, and provide policies to help protect employees and clients—all via software that integrates seamlessly with many pre-existing archival, messaging, MDM, and CRM solutions.**

For more information about how regulatory compliance policies are impacting businesses with mobile workforces in the U.S., read this analyst brief; Navigating Compliance Solutions in Regulated Organizations, or infographic; Understanding the Landscape of Regulatory Compliance in a Mobile World.

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