Ensuring compliance in a mobile environment with MultiLine


Communicate freely with a dedicated solution for on-the-go employees.

Widespread use of unmanaged messaging and communication apps creates continuity and compliance challenges for organizations. T-Mobile MultiLine allows employees the freedom to call and text, while adapting to changing business requirements.

 Break free from the balancing act.

Employees want the ability to use familiar methods, like texting, to communicate. "Less formal" methods of communication often fall short of regulatory requirements and can leave the organization open to risk.

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T-Mobile Multiline simplifies your mobile communications

Enable your employees to easily message and call their colleagues, clients, or patients - with proper business and regulatory compliance capabilities. T-Mobile MultiLine works reliably and securely, whether they have company-issued devices or use their own.

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T-Mobile MultiLine benefits.

  • Employees can more freely message or call clients in the app with pre-configured data and security policies.

  • Streamlined user enrollment allows employees to get up and running in minutes.

  • Take complex requirements like consent capture and electronic recording* off the end user’s plate.

  • Intelligent, real-time redaction of sensitive information helps protect the organization and the client.*

  • Admins gain granular visibility through usage and compliance analytics.

  • Integrates with leading MDM, CRM and archival tools for deeper management capabilities.**

T-Mobile MultiLine is a dedicated solution, closing gaps across organizations.

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Help manage and secure business mobile communications.

Across B2B to B2C use cases, T-Mobile MultiLine makes mobile communication simple to manage.

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Unlock communication for financial services workers.

Trusted by leading financial institutions, T-Mobile MultiLine helps close compliance gaps without stifling customer interaction.

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Provide flexible, patient-centered communication.

T-Mobile MultiLine helps organizations meet evolving healthcare and mobile communications requirements.

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T-Mobile MultiLine helps firms deliver client-centric services.

From capturing billables to enabling text between consultants and clients, T-Mobile MultiLine can help.

Mobile compliance insights.


Find out what analysts have to say about the importance of prioritizing compliance in enterprise communications strategies. 


Complying with regulatory policies while using mobile devices is crucial. Start incorporating mobile solutions now. 


Learn quick facts about the costs of regulatory non-compliance in B2C and B2B mobile communications.

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Many laws and standards in North America and across the world regulate how B2B and B2C communications are placed and conducted – for example, many industries have specific regulations around electronic recordkeeping, such as the Health Information Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA). The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and similar regulations require clear options for consent are provided to end customers.  Having a strategy for compliant communications for frontline employees can help institutions and businesses protect their customers and their interests.

T-Mobile Multiline is an over-the-top application that allows organizations to reap the benefits of messaging and voice calling, while also providing IT leaders the tools to adapt quickly to meet customer and regulatory needs. 

While T-Mobile MultiLine can suit the needs of various organizations, industries and use cases, this solution is purpose-built to solve compliance pain points for SMB and enterprise customers in heavily regulated industries (including financial services, professional services, and healthcare). T-Mobile MultiLine provides a dedicated messaging and calling solution with IT-managed compliance and security functionality for greater peace of mind.

Administrators can manage specific compliance and security policies and derive usage and other insights via online portal.

  • T-Mobile MultiLine Standard provides a company-owned number, operated through a single calling and messaging interface. Call handling, security, and connectivity settings are managed in a simple app that is separate from employee’s personal phone features and data.
  • T-Mobile MultiLine Plus includes T-Mobile MultiLine Standard with additional compliance features including sensitive information redaction and message capture.
  • T-Mobile MultiLine Enterprise includes all features of MultiLine Plus in addition to voice recording.

In addition to the base service, T-Mobile MultiLine offers several integrations for optional, additional charge:

  • Common archival solutions
  • Popular messaging applications, including WhatsApp 
  • Leading MDM/EMM/UEMs
  • Leading CRM tools 

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