A business conversation by text between two people on an iPhone using the MultiLine communication compliance app. A business conversation by text between two people on an iPhone using the MultiLine communication compliance app. A business conversation by text between two people on an iPhone using the MultiLine communication compliance app. A business conversation by text between two people on an iPhone using the MultiLine communication compliance app.

Ensure secure business communications, no hassle or expense.

MultiLine provides a dedicated business line that captures calls, texts, and WhatsApp messages for regulatory communication compliance. Whether your business is bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or a mixed-mobile environment, employees can get started in minutes.

T-Mobile MultiLine benefits.

  • Employees can more freely message or call clients in the app with pre-configured data and security policies.

  • Streamlined user enrollment allows employees to get up and running in minutes.

  • Take complex requirements like consent capture and electronic recording* off the end user’s plate.

  • Intelligent, real-time redaction of sensitive information helps protect the organization and the client.*

  • Admins gain granular visibility through usage and compliance analytics.

  • Integrates with leading MDM, CRM and archival tools for deeper management capabilities.**

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T-Mobile Multiline is an over-the-top application that allows organizations to reap the benefits of messaging and voice calling, while also providing IT leaders the tools to adapt quickly to meet customer and regulatory needs. 

While T-Mobile MultiLine can suit the needs of various organizations, industries and use cases, this solution is purpose-built to solve mobile compliance pain points for small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) and enterprise customers in heavily regulated industries (including financial services, professional services, and healthcare). T-Mobile MultiLine provides a dedicated messaging and calling solution with IT-managed compliance and security functionality for greater peace of mind.

Administrators can manage specific mobile compliance and security policies and derive usage and other insights via online portal.

  • T-Mobile MultiLine Standard provides a company-owned number, operated through a single calling and messaging interface. Call handling, security, and connectivity settings are managed in a simple app that is separate from employee’s personal phone features and data.
  • T-Mobile MultiLine Plus includes T-Mobile MultiLine Standard with additional compliance features including sensitive information redaction and message capture.
  • T-Mobile MultiLine Enterprise includes all features of MultiLine Plus in addition to voice recording.

In addition to the base service, T-Mobile MultiLine offers several integrations for optional, additional charge:

  • Common archival solutions
  • Popular messaging applications, including WhatsApp 
  • Leading MDM/EMM/UEMs
  • Leading CRM tools 

T-Mobile MultiLine helps financial service firms solve the “off-channel” compliance communications challenge. The application empowers employees to call and message clients and colleagues without violating key industry regulations. The application is cloud-based, carrier-agnostic and integrates with leading UEM and archival tools. This easily scalable application helps companies meet SEC and FINRA recordkeeping regulations for electronic communication. MultiLine stays connected whether regulated users are in the office, at home, or on the go. It’s also simple for IT leaders to manage by providing tools to adapt to regulatory and customer needs quickly.

T-Mobile MultiLine can help in a variety of healthcare areas. It can improve faculty communication compliance by providing medical and facility staff with urgent updates via SMS, phone calls, or WhatsApp with end-to-end encryption with auditable recordings. It can also provide compliant appointment reminders that help reduce no-shows with patients. Messages and calls are automatically archived for regulatory reporting. Finally, it helps home healthcare providers text patients with the necessary privacy assurance.

T-Mobile MultiLine presents a tailored solution to address the intricate landscape of legal firm communication compliance. Recognizing the paramount importance of secure client interactions within regulated industries, especially for law firms, this service prioritizes adherence to evolving security protocols without compromising the vital client-attorney relationship. By streamlining compliance efforts, T-Mobile MultiLine ensures that legal practitioners can effortlessly capture essential electronic records while engaging with clients seamlessly across various settings, be it in the office, remotely, or on the move. This solution's user-friendly interface simplifies enrollment and facilitates integration with existing tech infrastructure, allowing legal firms to manage users, numbers, and policy settings effortlessly via a web-based portal. Moreover, its compatibility with leading CRM, MDM, and archival solutions enhances its scalability and utility in legal firm communication compliance. Offering automated customer consent capture and real-time sensitive data redaction, T-Mobile MultiLine not only eases the burden on end-users but also fosters a secure and accessible client experience essential for legal firms navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements in their communication practices.

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