T-Mobile has different types of Prepaid plans to fit your needs. If you're already on a prepaid plan, but you're looking at moving to a postpaid plan, read about switching to a postpaid plan. This document is a historical reference for customers who are still on the Grandfathered T-Mobile ONE for Prepaid plan.


Things to know about T-Mobile ONE prepaid (Grandfathered) plans

  • A credit check is not required, and no deposit is needed to activate service.
  • Whenever your account reaches $10 or less, you'll hear your balance every time you place a call. When you have less than 1 minute of talk time remaining on your account, you'll hear warning tones on your phone. Learn how to refill your Prepaid account.
  • When purchasing downloaded content, you'll need to use a credit or debit card. Contact your financial institution about any billing concerns related to the specific download. If you need help with an app, contact the third-party content provider.


T-Mobile ONE Prepaid (Grandfathered)

The benefits of T-Mobile ONE are also available if you prefer a prepaid plan. Plans include:

  • Unlimited nationwide talk.
  • Unlimited domestic and international messaging (SMS/MMS).
  • Unlimited 4G LTE smartphone data.
  • Unlimited 3G Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMHS).
  • Mobile Without Borders – use your phone in Mexico and Canada like you do in the US.
  • 200 MB domestic data roaming.
  • International roaming and calling is available. Check rates.

For an additional fee, you can add Stateside International calling: You get unlimited calling to landlines in 70+ countries from the US, Mexico, and Canada, as well as unlimited calling and texting to mobile numbers in many countries from the US, Mexico, and Canada.

See pricing and compare our current prepaid plans. Or, if you're looking for information about our postpaid plans, read about T-Mobile ONE.


How to get T-Mobile ONE™ Prepaid (Grandfathered)

How do I sign up?

You can no longer sign up on this plan, as it is no longer available. Check out pricing and compare our prepaid plans.

What if I need extra lines?

If you need extra lines, the T-Mobile ONE Prepaid plan is eligible for a discount when you add additional lines with the T-Mobile ONE plan on the same account. Check out Multi-line discount for Prepaid for more details.

To learn about current offers and additional prepaid services, see pricing and compare our current prepaid plans.


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