Data Maximizer lets you view high-quality, optimized video streaming while stretching your high-speed data further.


What is Data Maximizer?

  • Network enhancement that optimizes all detectable video streaming to DVD-quality (typically 480p)
  • Automatically enabled, allowing your high-speed data to last up to 3 times longer
  • Can be manually disabled through My T-Mobile for most prepaid plans
  • Plans that include unlimited high-speed data or use data passes for high-speed data cannot turn off the feature


Turn off Data Maximizer via My T-Mobile

When Data Maximizer is off, video streaming is no longer optimized and your high-speed data will not last as long.

  1. Log in to you My T-Mobile account.
  2. Click Plan.
  3. Select Change Services for the line you want to make changes to.
  4. Choose the Simply Prepaid Data Maximizer Disabled service to disable Data Maximizer. Click Next.
  5. Agree to the changes in Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions. Click Submit Changes.

If you can't disable Data Maximizer through My T-Mobile, verify you have a limited data bucket plan or call T-Mobile customer service at 1-877-778-2106.