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Learn more about data options for your T-Mobile Prepaid account.


Data passes

Pass options

  • On-Demand data passes: 
    • Temporarily add high-speed data to your account and can be added to extend your monthly available high-speed data.
    • Once the high-speed data bucket is reached, unlimited data continues at reduced speeds. To continue service with high-speed data, another pass must be purchased.
    • On-Demand passes can be purchased with refill cards or prepaid service account balances.
  • One-Day HD Video Streaming passes: 
    • May be available in the US on the T-Mobile network only.
    • Prepaid HD Streaming passes do not have a resolution cap.
    • HD streaming is not available when roaming in Canada, Mexico, or while roaming.

Add data or HD streaming pass

  1. Log in to your T-Mobile Prepaid account.
  2. Go to Line Details from the homepage or main.
  3. Select Add On-Demand passes.
  4. Select from available services.
  5. Select Set order date and time.
  6. Add to cart and complete the purchase

Data maximizer

  • Network enhancement that optimizes all detectable video streaming to SD quality.
  • Automatically enabled, this allows your high-speed data to last up to 3 times longer while streaming.
  • Data still deducts from the available data bucket, but at a much lesser rate than when streaming video at a higher resolution.
  • Data Maximizer is available on select plans.
  • When Data Maximizer is off, video streaming is no longer optimized and your high-speed data will not last as long.

Turn on or off

If you can't locate Data Maximizer through, verify you have a limited data bucket plan or contact us.

  1. Log in to your T-Mobile Prepaid account.
  2. Select My Profile.
  3. Select your plan name.
  4. Choose Blocking Controls
  5. Select Data controls.
  6. Toggle off Data Maximizer (Binge on)
  7. Select Save.

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