T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app (VVM) for Android allows you to listen to and view messages in any order, on your phone. VVM is available on other phone models.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starting May 4, 2019, Android users voicemail will be moved to a new voicemail platform. This move will delete older messages. To keep your messages, follow Save and delete messages.


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Settings menu

Call settings
  1. Tap Visual Voicemail.
  2. Tap the message you want to listen to.
    • Call voicemail
      1. Tap the Menu button (three vertical dots).
      2. Tap Call Voicemail.
    • Return a call
      1. Tap the Call button..
      2. Wait for the call to initiate.
    • Speaker
      1. Tap the Speaker button.
      2. Tap the Play button.
  1. Launch the Visual Voicemail app.
  2. Tap the picture icon to the left of the phone number you wish to add as a contact.
    • Add new: Tap Create Contact.
    • Edit: Once you tap the icon, the option to edit the contact appears.
  3. Follow procedures by device to create a new contact.
  1. Tap Visual Voicemail.
  2. Tap the Menu button (three vertical dots).
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. In the 'Greetings & Pin' section, tap the currently active greeting in the first section. This may be labeled as Default, Greeting 1, or any other name you previously selected.
    • Record a greeting
      • Tap the microphone icon in the upper right and corner of the screen.
      • Name your greeting.
      • Tap the Record button once to begin recording, and again to stop recording.
      • Tap Save.
    • Set active greeting
      1. Tap the name of the greeting you wish to set as active.
      2. Select Set as Active.
    • Delete a greeting
      1. Tap the name of the greeting you wish to delete, e.g., 'Old Greeting'.
      2. Tap Delete.
      3. Tap OK.

Some of these steps work only on Android 8 and up.

  1. In the phones Settings, tap Apps or Apps & Notifications.
  2. Sort the apps listed until Visual Voicemail shows and tap the app.
  3. Under 'App settings', tap Notifications.
  4. Move the slider to ON / OFF, or tap on each notification category to modify the notification.
Additional settings
  1. Tap Visual Voicemail.
  2. Tap the Menu button (three vertical dots).
    • Change pin
      1. Tap Settings.
      2. Tap Change PIN.
      3. Enter the current PIN in the 'greetings in PIN' section.
        • The default PIN is the last four digits of your phone number.
        • To reset your PIN to the last four digits of your phone number, dial #793# on your device.
      4. Enter and confirm the new PIN.
      5. Tap OK. A confirmation message appears if the change was successful.
    • Change the sort options
      1. Tap one of the following options:
        • Sort alphabetically
        • Sort by unviewed
    • Delete multiple messages
      1. Tap the Trash Can icon at the top.
      2. Select all messages to delete.
      3. Tap Delete.
    • Manually set the language
      1. Tap Settings.
      2. Scroll to the language section and select the active language.
      3. Select the desired language.
    • Sync the inbox
      1. Tap the Menu button.
      2. Tap Refresh.


Save and delete messages

Visual Voicemail messages will stay on your phone until you delete them. You can also download messages to your phone, forward to email, or save to an SD card.


After you've listened to your voicemail message, it's automatically saved to the VVM app.

Save a voicemail to the SD card

  1. Tap Visual Voicemail.
  2. Long tap a message, then tap Save message to.
  3. Enter the file name.
  4. Tap Save to copy the message to the memory card.

Send a voicemail by email

  1. Tap Visual Voicemail, then the message you want to send to email.
  2. Press and hold the desired message.
  3. Tap Forward to.
  4. Select the preferred email client.
  5. Complete the email.

Check out Voicemail for another way to save messages.


If you've listened to your voicemail and delete it, it can't be retrieved! There is no way to retrieve the deleted voicemail message once it's been moved to the trash. When Visual Voicemail messages are deleted on the phone, the voicemail system will delete the message when the voicemail system syncs with the phone. Syncing happens when new messages are received or when you synchronize Visual Voicemail using the Menu in the Visual Voicemail Inbox.

Android voicemail migration

The migration will automatically keep any voicemail messages, as long as the Visual Voicemail App is updated to the latest version. Don't clear the app cache or data, this will delete all of your voicemail messages, until after you've made sure you are on the latest app version.

If you're running into problems with this app, check out our troubleshooting tips.

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