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Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMHS) - also referred to as Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi Sharing, or tethering - lets you securely share your device's Internet connection with up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices on T-Mobile’s high-speed nationwide network. If you want a plan with Mobile Hotspot, check out our latest plans, such as Go5G Next!


About Mobile Hotspot 

What is Mobile Hotspot

  • Mobile Hotspot is included with many plans, such as Go5G, Go5G Plus, Go5G Next, and more.
  • Mobile Hotspot lets you share the high-speed data of your phone, tablet, or Wi-Fi Hotspot with up to 10 other Wi-Fi-enabled or tethered devices.
  • Price and high-speed Mobile Hotspot data allotment varies depending on your plan. For example, you get 50GB of high-speed Mobile Hotspot with a Go5G Next plan, or 15GB with a Go5G plan.

How Mobile Hotspot works

  • Mobile Hotspot on your device is different from location hotspots, like the Wi-Fi you connect to at a coffee shop or airport, and hotspot devices, like the devices sold by T-Mobile.
  • While you have Mobile Hotspot turned on, you can still make and receive calls and texts on your phone.
  • If you use your high-speed Mobile Hotspot allotment (such as 15GB), your Mobile Hotspot speed will be reduced until the end of your billing cycle. 
  • To add more Mobile Hotspot to your current plan, use the T-Mobile app or log into to view available options


Use Mobile Hotspot

You'll need the following to use Mobile Hotspot on your device

  • A Wi-Fi-enabled or Bluetooth-enabled device (such as your phone).
  • A plan that includes Mobile Hotspot. Most plans include it - check out About Mobile Hotspot for details.
  • Coverage as Mobile Hotspot only works in 5G and 4G LTE coverage: View our coverage map.

Turn on and start using

  1. On your Mobile Hotspot device (such as your phone), turn on Personal Hotspot or Wi-Fi Sharing (typically from the Settings app).
    • Go to T-Mobile Support > Device Assistance for device-specific steps. 
    • Select your device, then open the Connections & Network menu for steps.
  2. On the device you want to share data with, connect to the Mobile Hotspot network you just turned on.

If you don't want to use Wi-Fi, you can use a USB cable to connect to other devices (additional software and setup may be required on your device - check the Devices page for steps).


Check Mobile Hotspot amount & usage

  1. Log in to from a browser or open the T-Mobile App on your device, then select Usage > Data
  2. View how much Mobile Hotspot data is included with your plan and how much you've used. 



Refer to the following resources: 


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