Prepaid accounts can now have more than one line on the same account. Additional lines on qualifying plans will receive discounted monthly services.


Multi-line discount

  • Prepaid accounts can have up to 5 talk & text lines - the more lines you have on the same eligible talk & text plan, the greater total discount you'll receive!
  • Discounts are only available for lines on an eligible voice plan.


Eligible Prepaid plans

To receive a discount, you need to be on one of the eligible talk & text plans:

If one of these plans aren't suitable for you, check out our Prepaid plans other for alternate plan types. Mobile Internet plans are not eligible for discount and must be on a separate account.


How to get your discount

We want to make sure you're getting the best value.

  • When you have two or more lines on the same eligible talk & text plan on the same account, you'll receive a discount applied automatically to your monthly charges.
  • You can mix eligible and ineligible plans on the same account, but only eligible plans will receive a discount, and only if you have two or more lines on the same eligible plan.
  • The discount each line gets will vary based on the order you added them in, and what plan you have.



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