Effective: January 1, 2024


We’re working hard to earn your trust. A big part of that is maintaining your privacy. You deserve transparency, education, choice, protection, and simplicity. Our goal is to help you take action to protect your privacy. 


This privacy notice (“notice”) covers individuals who have a business relationship with T-Mobile, such as vendors and corporate sponsors, in their business interactions with T-Mobile—and it also covers individual end users who use T-Mobile’s products and/or services for business purposes. This notice also applies to T-Mobile for Business, T-Mobile DevEdge Platform, and T-Mobile for Government—referred to collectively in this notice as “TfB” customers.

TfB is a division within T-Mobile that provides wireless services, products, and solutions to corporate and government organizations. Those organizations are TfB customers, who assign lines of service to individuals, mainly employees, within their organizations. For the purposes of this notice, the term “TfB customer” includes the following: 

  • The corporate or governmental entity receiving and paying for the T-Mobile services, products, and solutions.

  • The corporate or governmental entity’s “authorized users,” who manage the entity’s TfB account. 

  • The corporate or governmental entity’s end users, who are the individuals to whom the entity assigns individual line numbers to as part of the entity’s account.

In this notice, “business contacts” refers to any individual who interacts with T-Mobile in a business context, such as a vendor, sponsor, or TfB customer.

This notice does not cover: 

  • People who use T-Mobile’s products or services directly as an individual customer or interact with T-Mobile in a non-business context or online, such as browsing T-Mobile’s website. To learn more about how we collect and use information related to those types of interactions, including your interactions online on T-Mobile sites, please see our T-Mobile Privacy Notice.

  • United States job applicants. To learn more about how we collect and use information when you apply for a job with us in the U.S., or for our recruiting purposes, please see our T-Mobile Applicant Privacy Notice.

  • United States T-Mobile employees or contractors during employment with T-Mobile. To learn more about how we collect and use information from our United States employees and contractors during employment, please see our T-Mobile Employee and Contractor Privacy Notice.

  • The use of T-Mobile’s products or services we provide to school districts for educational purposes, such as under Project 10Million. To learn more about how we collect and use information from school children as part of these programs, please see our Project 10Million Privacy Notice

What’s in this notice

For the individuals described above, this notice explains how T-Mobile and our subsidiaries and representatives ("T-Mobile" or “we” or “us”) collect, use, and share your personal data.

This notice applies to personal data we have about you that identifies, relates to, describes, can be associated with, or could reasonably identify you as an individual, in the context of your business interactions with T-Mobile, such as managing your employer’s corporate or government T-Mobile account or representing a vendor that provides T-Mobile with services. This notice also applies to sensitive personal data, a category of personal data. Sensitive personal data includes things like your social security number and account log-in credentials.

Some products and services have their own privacy notice because T-Mobile collects or uses personal data in a different way for those products and services. To see the whole list, visit our Privacy Notices. If this notice conflicts with a privacy notice for a specific product or service, the product or service notice applies. 

This notice does not apply to data that is not personal, like anonymous, de-identified, or aggregated data (for example, summary statistics), even if it comes from personal data.

How we collect personal data

We collect personal data about you in several primary ways:

  • Directly from you, like when you create a TfB account or engage with us in a business capacity.

  • From other sources, like information from financial institutions and credit agencies.

  • Automatically from your use of our products and services, like data associated with using our network. 

What data we collect

Personal data you provide directly to us


  • Contact information, like your full name, usernames, passwords, email address, and mailing address.
  • Employment information, like your company and job title. 
  • Authentication and security information like your government identification, Social Security number, security codes, and signature.
  • Demographic information, like your age, gender, veteran status, and date of birth.
  • Payment information, like your credit card, debit card, and bank account number (see the T-Mobile Financial Privacy Notice and Sprint Financial Privacy Notice for more information). 
  • Preference information, including preferences related to marketing, advertising, communications, and participation in T-Mobile programs.
  • Other information you choose to provide, like when you submit a survey response or contact us.

Personal data we collect from other sources

We may collect personal data about you from other sources. For example, we may collect information (such as credit score) from financial institutions and credit reporting agencies—such as when you finance a device—and in those instances, we’ll disclose the nature of our collection and obtain your consent when required. 

Personal data we collect automatically

  • Unique identifiers, such as IP address or cookie IDs. To learn more, read our Cookies and tracking article.
  • Device and service performance and diagnostic information, including reports from your device about signal strength, speeds, app and service performance, dropped calls, call and data failures, geolocation information, and device data like battery strength and serial number and similar device identifiers, settings, language preferences, and software versions, including your browser type and operating system version, the website that referred you to one of our websites, or that you visit upon leaving our websites. 
  • Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)—CPNI is generated by your use of our wireless voice communication services. To learn more about CPNI, please read our Phone privacy article.
  • Information from your use of our products, services, and network (and other carriers’ networks when roaming domestically or internationally). This includes your usage of connecting carriers and Internet service providers, IP addresses, text messages, and data use history, websites and URLs visited, content interactions (e.g., how long you use an app), mobile apps installed or used or that interact with your device, language settings, and other network and device analytics and Wi-Fi connection and usage data.
  • Geolocation data—specifically data that identifies the approximate or precise location of your mobile device or provision of services. We may also use location technologies to collect data about the presence of your device.
  • Biometric data—including biometric signatures for authentication and fraud prevention. For more information, see the Biometric Information Privacy Notice
  • Video data—like images from video monitoring and recordings of people in our retail stores.
  • Audio information—including voice commands you provide to our apps (for example, for accessibility or hands-free use), and audio recordings of calls between you and our customer service representatives. 


How we use your data

We collect personal data for the following purposes:

  • To provide the products and services requested by the account owner and perform our contractual obligations to you or the organization you work for.

  • To communicate with you about your organization’s account and the services or products your organization uses.

  • To advertise and market products and services from T-Mobile to you as a prospective or current customer.

  • To allow your organization to provide us with service provider assistance, such as data storage or cloud services.

  • To determine credit risk to guide our credit decisions.

  • To process orders, payments, and account adjustments.

  • To administer the owner’s account (such as the employer).

  • To verify your identity.

  • To conduct research and create reports from analysis of usage patterns and trends and to deidentify or aggregate personal data to create business and market analysis and reports.

  • To administer corporate sweepstakes and contests.

  • To detect and help protect against security incidents and illegal, fraudulent, or unauthorized activities; investigate suspicious traffic, cybersecurity threats or vulnerabilities, complaints, and claims; authenticate your credentials for account access and information and provide other security protections.

  • To protect you and others from fraudulent, malicious, deceptive, abusive, or unlawful activities.

  • To facilitate or verify the appropriate calculation of taxes, fees, or other obligations due to local, state, or federal government requirements.

  • To cooperate with law enforcement and protect the rights, interests, safety, or property of T-Mobile and others.

  • To enforce our policies, terms and conditions, or other agreements.

  • To provide technical support and customer service.

  • To comply with, defend, pursue, and enforce applicable legal and regulatory obligations and respond to governmental requests.

When we disclose your data

We may disclose your personal data to the following third parties and/or service providers:

  • Service providers that perform work on our behalf, including providing billing services. 
  • Identity verification and fraud prevention partners.
  • Caller ID providers. 
  • Account holders.
  • Employers for corporate-liable lines.
  • Between T-Mobile brands and companies.
  • As part of a corporate business transaction, like a merger or acquisition, divestiture, sale of company assets, or in the event of insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership. In these cases, personal data could be transferred to third parties as a business asset. We may also share information with banks and similar entities for purposes of transferring loans in connection with device financing.
  • To third parties for uses described in this notice or for purposes you have requested. For example, we may share data with credit bureaus and similarly regulated entities, banks for device financing, and payment processors to help us provide you with the services you have requested and to make credit decisions.

We may also disclose your data to additional third parties, including government authorities, for legal processes or protection of life and safety where we believe that access, use, preservation, or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary, including:

  • To comply with laws, regulations, legal process or to respond to lawful requests. 

  • To enforce or apply agreements, or initiate, render, bill, and collect for products and services (including disclosure to collection agencies to obtain payment).

  • To protect the rights, interests, property, or safety of T-Mobile, our customers, and others.

  • In connection with claims, disputes, or litigation.

  • To protect you or others from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use of these services, and other fraudulent activity. 

  • In an emergency.

We do not sell (or “share,” as defined by California law) your personal data covered by this notice. T-Mobile doesn’t knowingly sell or share the personal data of children under 16.

How we protect your data

We use administrative, technical, contractual, and physical safeguards designed to protect your data. For example, when you contact us by phone, we have procedures in place to verify that you have the authority to access your information, make changes to your account, or adjust your business relationship with T-Mobile.

We can’t guarantee our safeguards will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access, use, or disclose personal data. Be sure to use a strong password to access your information and not one you use for other services. You should also use multi-factor authentication where possible. 

Privacy rights and data choices

We offer everyone choices about their personal data. Please note that your choices may vary depending on the laws that apply. Choices and contact methods may differ depending on where you reside and for TfB customers. To exercise your data choices, please visit the Privacy Dashboard online or contact us via phone. Your choices include:

Access, delete, and correct


To see the personal data we may have collected about you, visit our Personal data request page and choose the category that best describes your relationship with T-Mobile. We’ll walk you through the next steps. Once we receive your request and confirm your identity, we’ll disclose to you:

  • The categories of personal data we have collected

  • Specific pieces of personal data we have collected

  • Our business or commercial purposes for collecting, selling, or sharing personal data

  • The sources from which we collect personal data

  • The types of third parties we share personal data with

  • The types of personal data we disclose for business purposes

T-Mobile provides this information, where possible, in a format you can read, use, and transfer to other entities. Some sensitive data may be redacted or hidden for your security.


To delete the personal data we may have collected about you, visit our Personal data request page and choose the category that best describes your relationship with T-Mobile. We’ll show you how to proceed.

Please note that we may not be able to delete all your personal data because certain exceptions may apply. For example, we may keep personal data that is necessary to bill you for services, detect security problems, or to comply with laws. If you request that we delete your personal data, we might not be able to offer some services to you or they might not work the way they’re supposed to or that you’re used to.


To correct or make changes to the personal data we may have about you, visit our Personal data request page and choose the category that best describes your relationship with T-Mobile. Follow the directions to correct your personal information. If you’re an authorized user who manages a T-Mobile for Business or T-Mobile for Government account, you can also update the personal data in that account directly through your account portal.

Authorized agents

An authorized agent may submit an access, deletion, or correction request on your behalf.
They should visit our Personal data request page and choose the category that best describes your relationship with T-Mobile.

To protect your data, we’ll ask you to verify your own identity before we fulfill the request submitted by the agent. All communications will be sent directly to you, our business partner, and not the agent.

Verification of your identity 

We verify your identity before processing your request. If we can’t verify your identity, we’ll have to deny your request. This is to protect you.

To verify your identity, we’ll need information from you, like your email address and phone number. We may also ask to see your government ID, along with a current digital photo of your face so we can ensure the photo ID truly belongs to you.


Sometimes we can’t comply with your request. When that happens, residents of certain states are entitled to submit an appeal. Instructions for how to submit your appeal will be included in our response explaining why we couldn’t comply.

If you have questions about these choices, please read our privacy FAQs.

Of course, if you do exercise any of these rights, T-Mobile will not treat you any differently. You can exercise your personal data rights within our Privacy Dashboard. 

For information about how we comply with state-specific privacy requirements, see the T-Mobile Privacy Notice.

Data retention

We retain your personal data for business or tax needs, or legal reasons. We set our retention periods based on things like the type of personal data, the business purpose for which it was collected, and legal obligations to retain certain kinds of personal data.

Future changes

We keep this privacy notice up to date. When we make changes, we’ll let you know by including the date of the update at the top of this page. If you continue interacting with us in a business context or continue to use our products and services after we notify you, we’ll take that to mean you’re fine with the changes for any new data we collect. Those changes will not apply to previously collected personal data unless we get consent from impacted individuals.

Contact us

If you have questions or comments, call our customer service toll-free:

  • If you have an existing account with T-Mobile for Business or T-Mobile for Government, dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or 1-877-347-2127 from any phone.

  • If you have a B2B customer service line, but don’t have an account, dial 1-866-501-1388.