To submit a personal data request, start with the right form.

No matter what your relationship with our company, we’ve likely collected some data about you. You can request to access, delete, or correct that data. To get the right request form, choose the category below that best describes you. If you belong in more than one category, you’ll want to submit multiple requests.



T-Mobile customer

You have or had a personal account with a T-Mobile ID and email address. Or you’re the parent or guardian of a child with a T-Mobile Kids’ Line.

Metro, T-Mobile Prepaid, Sprint, or Assurance Wireless customer

You have or had a personal account with any of our other brands.

Not a customer or not logged in

You’re not a customer, but sometimes you visit our websites and get marketing messages from us. Or you are a customer, but don’t want to log in before submitting a personal data request.

Business and government

Business or government customer

You work for a business or government organization with an active or closed account with us. Or you’re the lead for a prospective enterprise account.

Employee and associate

 T-Mobile employee at workstation greeting a co-worker.

Current employee

You’re a current T-Mobile employee or contractor with
 an NTID.

Other associate

You’re a current or former vendor, job applicant, or office visitor. Or you’re a former T-Mobile employee or contractor.

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