Project 10Million


Effective: December 22, 2022


Project 10Million provides school districts with a free Wi-Fi hotspot and 100GB of free data. As part of the service, T-Mobile collects, uses, and discloses certain information from children who may be under the age of 13 (“children”). The purpose of this privacy notice is to notify school districts and the parents and/or guardians of children under the age of 13 (“you” or “your”) of T-Mobile's data collection, use and disclosure that relate to the Project 10Million service. This privacy notice supplements our general Children’s Privacy Notice.

We need your consent to collect, use, and disclose personal information from your child(ren) in connection with the Project 10Million service. We will not collect, use, or disclose any personal information from your child(ren) if you do not provide such consent. The Federal Trade Commission has stated that a district or school may consent to such data collection, use, and disclosure on behalf of the parent or guardian to the extent such data collection, use, and disclosure is to provide services solely for the benefit of the school.

Customer has read this notice, consents on behalf of parents and guardians of children under 13 to the collection, use and disclosure practices described below, and authorizes T-Mobile to engage in such practices.

Direct notice of T-Mobile’s data collection, use, and disclosure practices

In addition to collecting student identification numbers for onboarding and verification purposes, T-Mobile intends to collect the following personal information from your child(ren) as part of the Project 10Million service.

  • Data usage:T-Mobile tracks quantity of broadband internet data usage to have that usage total counted against the 100GB per year of free broadband internet access.
  • IP address: As part of delivering this service, T-Mobile also receives the IP address associated with the websites visited.
  • Unique identifiers:T-Mobile collects a device and network identifier to authenticate the device on our network and provide the service.
  • Bandwidth data:T-Mobile may share device-level bandwidth data with the educational institution at the educational institution’s specific request, to allow the educational institution to stay informed on devices that exceed applicable data usage/streaming limits.

T-Mobile uses this personal information only to provide internet connectivity and perform internal analytics. T-Mobile may disclose this personal information to its service providers for assistance in delivering the service, and they must treat this information as confidential and use it only for the purposes for which T-Mobile engaged them. T-Mobile will not disclose information that may be associated with your child to any other entities.

Third-party websites

Please be advised that T-Mobile provides connectivity to the general internet through the Project 10Million service. That connectivity allows children to access websites that may involve data collection by third parties. T-Mobile is not responsible for the data collection activities of these third parties and you should carefully monitor your child’s use of the service.