Ready to Switch Things Up? 4 Simple Steps to Join T-Mobile

By T-Mobile StoriesFebruary 24, 2021

Ditch those common misconceptions that keep you stuck. Switching to T-Mobile has never been easier!

In the past year, we’ve had to switch up so much — working from home, virtually visiting a doctor, mastering the shuffle off TikTok (nailed it!) — and our mobile devices have been a major agent of change all along.

But there’s one switch that most people shy away from — switching wireless companies. Three in five people who want to switch don’t — mostly because it can seem daunting.

The thing is, switching to T-Mobile is easier than ever. So why sacrifice better coverage, performance and value, when you don’t have to?

Go ahead, and finally make the one change that will set you up for success for many years to come!

Here we break down some common misconceptions that keep you stuck with your old carrier, and four simple steps on how to join the Un-carrier in a jiffy.

MISCONCEPTION 1: Switching takes too long.
You can switch to T-Mobile in about 30 to 60 minutes in most cases. 

MISCONCEPTION 2: I’ll need a new phone / number.
Most smartphones in the last five years work great across all networks. So go ahead and bring your current phone … and you can often bring your number too. T-Mobile’s new Zero Cost to Switch deal makes it easy!

MISCONCEPTION 3: The network won’t be as good.
Recent third-party studies found T-Mobile, already America’s leader with the largest 5G network, also has the fastest 5G network. Plus, T-Mobile even lets you Test Drive its nationwide LTE network before switching.

MISCONCEPTION 4: Switching is expensive.
Switching to T-Mobile could actually save you money, from the best plan prices that include 5G access to help you pay off your current device whether you keep it or get a new one.

So drop those old hang-ups, and follow these four simple steps to get what you deserve!

4 Steps to Join T-Mobile

Step One: Pick a Plan
(5 to 10 minutes)
Check out our cell phone plans, which include those for customers 55 and over, military and first responders and their families.

Step Two: Get Ready to Switch
(5 to 10 minutes)
Have a few things on hand to speed up the process.


  • The name of your plan with your current provider
  • Your account number and PIN or passcode
  • Your phone brand and model
  • If you’re financing your phone or have any credit locks in place that need to be removed


  • A copy of your latest bill, printed or even a simple screenshot
  • A valid driver’s license or state-issued ID, and have your Social Security number or Tax ID handy
  • And, of course, your phone!

Note: If you’re switching multiple lines, even in the case of multiple family members in various locations, all the lines can be switched by the primary account holder.

Step Three: Pick a Phone, or Keep Your Own!
(As little as 1 minute)
To tap into T-Mobile’s ultra-fast nationwide 5G network you may want to upgrade to a new phone. In most cases, you can even keep your current number! All you need to do is:

Or T-Mobile’s new Zero Cost to Switch deal let’s you bring your eligible phone and switch for free! Just:

Step Four: Do It!
(30 to 45 minutes)
Now you’re all set to make the switch! You can safely visit a T-Mobile store or just call:

  • Use the T-Mobile store locator to find a store near you — and even schedule an appointment in advance!
  • Or call: 1-800-T-MOBILE
  • Still have questions? Visit our How to Join T-Mobile page to learn more.

Now switch it up!

Got all your switching bases covered? Here are a few last helpful hints from some Mobile Experts — just like you’ll find at a T-Mobile store near you!

Fastest 5G: Opensignal Awards based on average speeds  USA: 5G User Experience Report January 2021. Capable device required; coverage not available in some areas. Some uses may require certain plan or feature; see No cost to switch for a limited time at participating stores. Qualifying consumer or small business account, credit, service, device and port-in required. T-Mobile will cover $10 SIM card and $20 assisted support charges that may apply for up to 5 new lines. May not be combinable with some offers or discounts (e.g. new device offers).