Day 3 of 3: The End of Overages. A New Chapter in the Un-carrier Revolution.

By John LegereApril 13, 2014

With any big change that’s ever led to any lasting good, somebody’s got to first stand up and point out a wrong. And it doesn’t hurt if that ‘somebody’ is loud enough and brash enough that they’re hard to ignore. I can do that.

As more and more people get on board, whatever first sparked the change becomes just one part of a much larger movement. The people own it.

This is clearly happening now with Americans’ response to Un-carrier, and when I give you our first quarter 2014 progress update on May 1st, I think you’ll see what I mean.

But if I’m right, the consumer wireless movement is rapidly approaching a tipping point. And that’s when things really get interesting. The first year of Un-carrier has been terrific, but it’s going to pale in comparison to what lies ahead. 

In fact, today, we’re taking one more very big step into the future of US wireless. 

Today, we’re capping off several days of major announcements by launching a broad social campaign to abolish domestic overage penalties and begin a national conversation. The Un-carrier is eliminating one of the most widely despised wireless industry practices for all of our T-Mobile customers on consumer plans. And I’m also laying down a challenge to my counterparts at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, to do the same.

First we announced our all-new Simple Starter plan, a value plan for budget-conscious Americans, and further relief from the old carriers’ predatory schemes. As USA Today put it, “But here's the fine print:  There's no fine print.… The big deal isn’t the cost. It’s the simplicity.”  Well said Carol!  Then on Thursday we launched Operation Tablet Freedom and became the only major national carrier or retailer offering LTE tablets for the price of Wi-Fi-only models. Add a tablet plan to your postpaid voice plan for FREE for the rest of this year -- AND we give you nearly 1.2 GB of free 4G LTE data every month through 2014.  Boom.

We took a pause on Friday to support two huge superphone launches. We opened every T-Mobile store early to support customer demand for the Samsung Galaxy S 5 and the HTC One (M8) and deliver them as only the Un-carrier can – for nothing down, with no annual service contract, no overages and no hidden device costs. And Americans have been scooping up Samsung and HTC’s latest superphones.

But today is different. Today, we’re taking the change to a whole new level. We’re capping off these past few days by ending overages for all customers on T-Mobile consumer plans.

The old carriers’ entry-level plans lure you in with a low monthly cost for a fixed amount of domestic minutes, texts or data. Once you go over those limits – even by a little – you’re hit with bill shock. On behalf of all U.S. wireless consumers, we’re putting an end to the fear of getting one too many pics or clicking on one too many links – and bam. You’re hit with overages. Not at the Un-carrier. 

Today I started a petition, laying down a challenge to AT&T, Verizon and Sprint to do the same for their customers – because it’s the right thing to do. Agree with me? Join me in putting this challenge to all the major national carriers on Take one minute to sign the petition and be a part of this consumer movement.

The immediate response to this past week’s series of moves has been fantastic. Unbelievable. But the best is yet to come. Tens of millions of American wireless consumers are going to be enjoying the benefits and freedoms that come with these latest Un-carrier moves in the weeks and months ahead. 

Imagine the smile on my face as I watch millions upon millions of Americans flipping the bird to the insanity and pain of the past and joining this consumer revolution – while I sit back and watch the competition flounder. 

T-Mobile will never stop innovating this industry and advocating for America’s wireless customers.  We will always listen, speak up for you and stand with you. That’s my personal promise.

John Legere
President  & CEO