Day 2 of 3 … We asked, “Why not?!”

By John LegereApril 09, 2014

Yesterday I told you the Un-carrier would be launching a series of rapid-fire moves that are all part of our battle plan to revolutionize a broken, arrogant and stupid wireless industry.  And yesterday we made it affordable foreveryoneto have a fantastic 4G LTE experience with our $40 Simple Starter plan, which includes unlimited talk and text on our nationwide network with up to 500MB of 4G LTE data. 

Now that we’ve addressed that pain point, we’re moving to the topic oftotallyun-leashing tablets.

As I think most of you have figured out, I’m always listening to consumers regardless of who their carrier is.  (I love Twitter – it makes this so easy!)  Here are some questions I’m hearing more and more … “Why’s my tablet chained to Wi-Fi? Why can’t I use my tablet like I use my phone?  Why have carriers priced tablets and designed their plans to fleece me and scare me out of connecting?  Why are they holding me back from using it the way it was designed to be used? This sucks! …. and I hate those money grubbing “#&*!’s.”

The truth is, I don’t think anyone’s cracked the code on this.  And I don’t think anyone has any idea what new uses and innovations might be possible if the code were broken. 

This is what the Un-carrier does. We solve the problem and force broken systems to change.

You can’t count on the stumbling, arrogant guys to do it.  They’re more about charging you overages on your data to maximize their profit – and impose more pain. They’re about suffocating change. The Un-carrier is about building the movement and fueling the revolution.

So I said to our team, “Why not? Let’s do it  … and go big!”

And we did. Today I’m announcing “Operation Tablet Freedom,” afull-on assault against the restrictions and pain points imposed by the greedy carriers. Starting now, you can live life beyond the Wi-Fi zone and stay connected.  Use your tablet virtually anywhere, anytime you want without fear.  No need to be intimidated any longer by Big Blue, Bad Red or Bumbling Yellow.

You can now add a tablet and mobile internet service to your postpaid voice plan….

  • 1GB of free tablet  data for the rest of the year

  • 4G LTE tablets for the same model’s Wi-Fi  price

  • Trade in your Wi-Fi tablet, buy a new one for nothing down

  • Stuck in acontract? We’ll pay your ETF with device trade in!

And that’s all on top of 200 MB of free data for life.

I told Mike Sievert our CMO to go big, and he did just that. The guy really knows what going big is all about.  Check out his blog for more details on Simple Starter and Operation Tablet Freedom.

That’s it for Day 2. If you’re curious what’s in store for Day 3, follow me on Twitter, and let’s see if you can figure it out.  Tomorrow’s Samsung Galaxy S 5 launch day, so you have the weekend to think it over!

Limited time offer. Qualifying postpaid voice & mobile internet  service required for free 1GB data. 200MB free data for life for as long as you own and use your registered device on T-Mobile’s network. Device price comparison based on manufacturer’s suggested retail price. See for specific offer and service details.