Data-driven insights support smart decision making.

Collect and analyze data and video from sensors.

Using security cameras, Smart Video Analytics can detect intruders, left behind objects, and suspicious patterns of users moving through an area. If an issue is detected, designated responders receive an immediate alert.  

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Facilities and resources planning made easier.

Gain insights on room utilization and activity in an area that can be used to order supplies, arrange work schedules, or even rearrange displays for better foot traffic.

Key capabilities.

Get near real-time business insights and alerts with advanced analytics.

Proactive security.

Protect key areas, inside and outside, from intruders and dangerous objects or activity.

Operational excellence.

Analyze people flow and room utilization within a building or campus to improve exhibit and facilities planning, staffing, and resource efficiency.

Video enhancement & performance.

Ensure the highest quality video possible with video enhancement, privacy protection, and camera health monitor.

Resources for your business.

Person in red at top of an escalator with a big security camera over it.

Improve your bottom line with Smart Video Analytics.

Learn how your business can harness the full power of video footage to implement proactive security, increase video quality and consistency, maximize operations and experience, and even strengthen compliance.

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Proactive video security enables a quicker response.

Receive near real-time alerts to detect intruders, suspicious objects and activity—on campuses, in public spaces, at stadiums, and venues. This intelligent solution can differentiate between people, objects, and animals and even spot an object as small as a lighter.

People coming down an escalator in an airport.

Improve operations and experiences with meaningful insights.

Smart Video Analytics provides actionable intelligence to help retail stores, hotels, and airports, reduce the number of lost and stolen items, reduce waiting times, increase sales, and identify areas where their workforce are really needed.

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