Ready-to-deploy, remote monitoring 24/7.

Sensor solutions enable you to automate the monitoring of critical assets and the detection of potentially hazardous conditions. This ensures that your operations run smoothly, and your capital and people are well protected.

How Sensor solutions help your business.

Automated sensor monitoring.

Sensor solutions monitor and document 24/7 and alert if needed.

Detect and warn.

Ensures that any possible threats are caught as early as possible.

Emergency assistance.

Sensor solutions offer a convenient one-click alert system for employees to quickly request help. 

Solution benefits.

Sensors have reduced oversights that can have a big impact on your business. 

Inventory loss

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Equipment damage

Illustration of red circle with a small flame in the center

Costly downtime

Illustration of red circle with an hourglass almost out of time in the center

Operational inefficiencies

Illustration of red circle with a flame and rectangular box in the center

Safety hazards

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Regulatory fine

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Reputational damage

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Get to know our solution partner.

We’ve teamed up with myDevices, a global leader in sensor enablement, whose sensors make up a fully integrated solution suite that stands alone or is fully integrated into your company’s software platform.

More information about sensor solutions.

3 ways 5G smart factories will transform manufacturing.

Find out how 5G + Internet of Things (IoT) will help revolutionize the manufacturing industry through sensor support, factory operations optimization and advanced automation.

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View sensor solutions at-a-glance.

As a small or mid-size business owner, it can be hard to keep an eye on everything. Get a quick glimpse into how our sensor solutions can help you protect and manage your investment.

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Find out how your business can benefit from sensor solutions.

From top sellers such as Refrigeration Monitoring, to custom-made sensors for monitoring the levels of specific gases in the air, Sensor Solutions have your business needs covered.

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