Take command of your IoT devices with connectivity management

Improve operational efficiency, balance costs, easily connect and manage your IoT devices, and stay securely connected to America's largest 5G network with T-Mobile Control Center.


Connect, manage, and secure your IoT solutions.  

T-Mobile Control Center is an automated connectivity management solution to oversee the lifecycle of your IoT device SIMs on the T-Mobile network. From nationwide narrowband to America’s largest and fastest 5G, connect to the network built for IoT.

IoT efficiency with automation.

Efficiently accelerate and maintain IoT deployments of any size with the provisioning and automation capabilities your business needs in T-Mobile Control Center.

Managing IoT costs just got easier.

Save time and money by managing known and unknown IoT costs. Use data to significantly reduce overage costs, make informed decisions, and ensure efficient device usage.

Secure your business from device to cloud.

Rest easy knowing that your devices—and your business—are protected by multi-layered device-to-cloud security in T-Mobile Control Center.

Customized packages to fit your needs.

You choose the IoT network technology and Control Center features, and we partner with you to build a custom IoT solution that best meets your unique business needs.

A worker inspects shipping containers with a connected mobile device.

Providing connectivity with IoT expertise.  

As a 5G leader and the first to offer a Narrowband IoT network, our nationwide network utilizes a variety of spectrum bands to engage, design, and deploy your IoT solution.

The right connectivity for every IoT use case.

With our powerful lineup of network technology options, you’ll find the perfect solution to support your unique IoT needs.

A worker flies a drone at an industrial site, across magenta beams that suggest connections from sky to ground.

America’s first nationwide Narrowband IoT network.

Our NB-IoT network helps extend battery life and provides the security and reliability of LTE connectivity without being dragged down by an old 2G connection.

An overhead view of an engineer using a connected tablet to help inspect an array at a solar energy farm.

America's largest and fastest 5G network.

Be ready for the IoT evolution to 5G with T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G. No 5G signal is better for coverage indoors and out to keep fixed and in-motion assets connected

A T-Mobile coverage map reads “Largest. Fastest. The Leader in 5G.”

IoT experts and exceptional support.

When you combine our IoT specialists with our dedicated team of experts, you get exceptional support.

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More resources for your business.

T-Mobile Control Center keeps you on top of your IoT infrastructure.

Manage your IoT Infrastructure at scale with efficiency and ease using T-Mobile Control Center. From provisioning to automation to end-to-end device management, see how our IoT connectivity management solution helps enterprises accelerate business growth.

Colleagues discuss the information on a desktop computer while magenta beams indicate connectivity.

Learn how to manage your IoT devices with ease.

T-Mobile Control Center will help you streamline processes, cut down costs, and minimize security risks—especially when you have a large number of devices to oversee.

An industrial employee checks his tablet while magenta beams indicate connectivity across the plant.

Accelerate your business growth by harnessing the power of IoT.

Understand how T-Mobile Control Center creates significant real-world impact through custom platforms and flexible solutions.

An aerial view of a parked semi-truck fleet with magenta beams that indicate a vast network of connections.

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