Reliable connectivity for analog POTS devices.

Reliable connectivity for analog POTS devices.

Today, users of aging copper-based landline infrastructure, known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), are seeing prices go up while the POTS network quality goes down. T-Mobile for Business offers a cost-effective solution for businesses dependent on POTS phone lines.

AirDial from Ooma is a cost-effective POTS replacement solution.

Ooma AirDial bypasses the traditional POTS network and future-proofs your analog devices by having them run on T-Mobile’s nationwide wireless network, that’s easy to install and manage.

AirDial device AirDial device AirDial device AirDial device

Support vital analog devices without costly replacement.

  • Illustration of siren light    Security alarm panels

  • Illustration of flame    Fire alarm panels

  • Illustration of people in square with up and down arrows    Elevator phones

  • Illustration of landline phone receiver    Public safety phones

  • Illustration of tall apartment buildings    Building access systems

  • Illustration of paper coming out of fax machine    Fax machines

  • Illustration of cash register with receipt    Older point-of-sale systems

  • Illustration of touch button landline    Essential phone lines

Why AirDial from Ooma is the optimal solution.

Simple to use.

Easily self-installed, supporting up to 4 analog connections and a web based management portal to monitor and manage all locations and AirDial devices.

Reliable connection.

Uninterrupted service with nationwide connectivity and removeable backup battery that provides a least eight hours during a power outage.


Protection against ever-increasing POTS telephone pricing with a cost-effective solution—fixed plans that will not go up in price for up to three years.

Maintain compliance.

AirDial is built with the applicable compliance of UL, NFPA 72 and ASME A17.1B in mind with a managed facilities-based voice network (MFVN).

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