Reliable connectivity for analog POTS devices.

T-Mobile is a leading provider of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) replacement solutions for all types of organizations that manage landline based analog devices, from small business to enterprise corporations to government organizations.

What is POTS and what it means to your business?

POTS is telephone service that employs analog signal transmission over copper loops, that exists in many buildings. A standard technology over most of the 20th century, POTS is being replaced by newer technologies such as integrated services digital networks (ISDN), voice over IP (VoIP), and cellular networks from carriers such as T-Mobile.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tightly regulated POTS through the 1990’s. Now, in the 2019 FCC 19-72 order effective August 2022, they have lifted its oversight and no longer see any reason to require Carriers to continue POTS service.

How the end of POTS regulations affects you?

Due to the FCC mandate, for buildings that already have POTS installed, retrofitting is a key solution as traditional telephone carriers have begun plans to sunset their POTS network, leading to three interconnected issues:

  1. Lower investment into POTS which leads to network degradation.
  2. Carriers maintaining POTS lines will pass-through costs, creating skyrocketing business line bills and accelerating customer exodus.
  3. Eventual end-of-life (EOL) resulting in loss of service due to poor network ROI.
For new buildings, Wireless POTS is a great solution because vital systems can seamlessly interconnect and harness T-Mobile’s award-winning network nationwide. And with T-Mobile’s rapid service deployment offerings, your life-safety compliant solutions will work more efficiently and at a significantly lower cost than traditional POTS.

Support vital analog devices without cost replacement.

There are a wide variety of devices using analog lines that are difficult to change because they’re often installed into the building structure, making it very expensive or disruptive to replace. These include the following types of devices:
  • Illustration of siren light    Security alarm panels

  • Illustration of flame    Fire alarm panels

  • Illustration of people in square with up and down arrows    Elevator phones

  • Illustration of landline phone receiver    Public safety phones

  • Illustration of tall apartment buildings    Building access systems

  • Illustration of paper coming out of fax machine    Fax machines

  • Illustration of cash register with receipt    Older point-of-sale systems

  • Illustration of touch button landline    Essential phone lines

POTS solutions from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile offers feature rich solutions that support customer needs and price points with the following partners.

Black Ooma AirDial box

Ooma AirDial™

A cost-effective POTS replacement solution, Ooma AirDial is geared towards businesses and organizations seeking an all-in-one solution.

An open MarketSpark box showing wire connections with red and green lights


POTS replacement from MarketSpark is a highly-scalable, customizable solution that’s perfectly suited for large organizations with multiple physical locations.

Why make the switch to T-Mobile?

  • Reliable service with T-Mobile’s national high-speed network.

  • Fixed monthly pricing for up to 36 months.

  • True managed facilities-based voice network (MFVN).

  • Solutions are compliant with UL, NFPA 72 and ASME A17.1B.

  • Enterprise online portal to manage all devices at all sites.

  • Fast setup to operations as quickly as a few hours with self or professional installation.

Find out how much you can save.