A full-featured drop-in POTS line replacement option

OOMA AirDial™

A full-featured drop-in POTS replacement solution.

Connect alarm panels, elevator phones, safety phones, and other systems to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) with Ooma AirDial—a turnkey solution that’s easy to install, remotely managed and compatible with legacy line requirements.

Ooma AirDial benefits.

Great value.

Ooma AirDial can help provide savings for your business versus traditional POTS lines. 

Simple migration.

Quick, easy migration so organizations can keep using existing systems.

Easy install.

Attach Ooma AirDial to a wall or place it on any flat surface.

Flexible deployment options.

Configure to provide LTE failover for critical VoIP lines.

Remote management.

Get automatic software updates and system monitoring.

Increase visibility.

Manage devices with an intuitive web portal and get alerts if outages occur.

Battery backup.

Maintains service for at least eight hours during power outages.

All-inclusive POTS replacement solution.

Solve challenges with one provider for hardware, data, and phone service.

AirDial in action.

How the AirDial POTS replacement works with the T-Mobile network.

Illustrated diagram of the Ooma AirDial box and conections to POTS devices and the T-Mobile network

How Ooma AirDial works.

The Ooma AirDial POTS line solution routes communications over network paths that are proactively maintained by managed facilities-based voice network (MFVN) compliant providers. MFVN is a network owned and operated by a voice service provider that delivers traditional telephone service via a loop start analog telephone interface.

Outbound Ooma AirDial traffic is first routed over T-Mobile’s MFVN-compliant LTE cellular data connection. T-Mobile and Ooma AirDial has partnered closely to create a direct ethernet connection to the Ooma MFVN network in a shared data center.

From the data center, traffic is passed to an MFVN-compliant gateway provider with a direct hardwired connection in a shared data center. Our gateway partner then terminates the call to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

This set of direct connections is designed so Ooma AirDial communications will not traverse the public internet.

This is a critical feature of the Ooma AirDial architecture that is different from many VoIP solutions of which traffic is handed off to the public internet for one or more legs of the path.

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