Highly scalable future-proof POTS connectivity.

Reap the benefits of an intelligent POTS network with a single provider that ensures operations run smoothly. MarketSpark delivers advanced solutions to enhance your business with connected 5G and IOT services.

Benefits of an POTS solution provider.

Realize cost savings, greater safety, and peace of mind.

An intelligent, platform-driven solution that provides insights regarding at-risk locations.

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Proven compatibility with the full spectrum of compliant life-safety communication protocols.

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Fully managed & highly scalable deployment across thousands of business locations.

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Software platform solution that delivers future-proof services.

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MarketSpark can easily connect your business devices and systems.

Intelligent provisioning and testing.

  • Scalable provisioning
  • Multi-point pre-testing
  • UL listed components
  • Life-safety pre-validation
  • Advanced logistics services

On-site installation and deployment.

  • Fully managed
  • Certified technicians
  • Nationwide scalability
  • Single point of contact
  • Digital auditing 

Performance measurement and notifications.

  • Line status
  • Router health
  • Battery life
  • Signal quality
  • Data consumption

Advanced future-proof applications.

  • 5G ready
  • Wireless backup
  • Primary broadband
  • IoT connected services

MarketSpark in action.

How the T-Mobile network works with the MarketSpark POTS line replacement.

Illustration of MarketSpark Design Solution with the connectivity options, battery, router, circuits, and applications

How MarketSpark works.

MarketSpark enables large enterprises to rapidly deploy life-safety compliant connectivity across multiple locations as a fully-managed service. The solution is comprised of a software platform supplemented by on-premise hardware that MarketSpark deploys as a fully-managed POTS replacement service. 

The POTS replacement lines delivered by MarketSpark can be deployed at new or existing facilities to support voice and data services that traditionally require analog dial tone such as fire panels, burglar alarms, elevators, fax machines, alarms, elevators, POS terminals, E-911, and voice lines. 

Large enterprises typically employ an assortment of analog appliances at their sites using a number of unique communication protocols. For this reason, enterprises find it critical to deploy a POTS solution that is able to seamlessly interoperate with all on-premise devices, regardless of communication protocol. 

Works with 98% of all analog systems.

MarketSpark’s portfolio of solutions incorporate hardware and software that is purpose-built to accommodate more than 98% of analog systems in use today. The solution is comprised of the following core elements, bundled as a certified kit specifically to accommodate life-safety systems:

  • Command Center Management Platform
  • Dual-SIM Wireless Router (4G LTE/5G)
  • Analog Telephone Adaptor or Gateway
  • Smart Battery
  • Antenna
  • Secure Enclosure

Delivering additional fixed wireless services.

The MarketSpark solution delivers transport connectivity via cellular or wireline broadband networks. In addition to traditional POTS service, MarketSpark is also able to deliver additional fixed wireless access services using the same hardware, including:

  • Wireless Backup
  • Primary Broadband
  • IoT Connectivity
  • SD-WAN

Staying in compliance with life-saving devices.

MarketSpark is a fully managed POTS replacement service, from hardware provisioning and on-site installation throughout the life of the contracted service. As a managed facilities voice network (MFVN) operator, MarketSpark’s offering is based on a Class 5 Softswitch that emulates a Central Office, delivering service quality and reliability while enabling code-compliant network handoff for existing life-safety services.

MarketSpark data and analytics.

The Enterprise Command Center.

The Command Center Platform continuously measures and notifies the status, consumption, and service levels of MarketSpark devices. 

It also the centralized hub to help clients manage services across their locations and helps large enterprise organizations plan for network transformation, including:

  • Interactive mapping of customer locations against announced regions where FCC has announced retirement of copper lines
  • Forecasted risk assessment of impacted customer sites
  • Realtime updates on notification of newly impacted locations so customers can get ahead of the problem before it impacts their business

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