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T-Mobile fleet management solutions from Geotab puts comprehensive, actionable insights right at your fingertips. Make informed decisions in near real-time to optimize your private, public sector, or education fleet operations.

What is fleet management?

Get a comprehensive solution to optimize productivity.

Fleet management uses a plug-and-play device to give you access to near real-time data in easy-to-understand dashboards. It's quick to set up and can be managed from virtually any device, at anytime—all with no annual service contract required.

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The 6 benefits of our #1 ranked fleet management solution.

Fleet management isn’t just knowing where your drivers are or if they’re speeding. It’s gathering information to improve fuel efficiency and driver safety, optimize routes, and reduce idle time. Explore how fleet telematics can benefit you.

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Your fleet, revolutionized.

Learn how T-Mobile for Business fleet management solutions can improve productivity, reduce costs, help meet federal compliance requirements, and more.


Make the right decisions for your fleet, at just the right time.

Learn how fleet management can help your business.

Optimize in near real-time.

Decide if your fleet needs to switch gears or stay the course with easy-to-use dashboards and customizable reporting on routes, fuel usage, and much more.

Protect your assets.

Safeguard all your assets, including the most important ones—your people. Give in-vehicle verbal coaching to your drivers and help keep your team safe.

Manage compliance.

Through an app that helps your business meet the ELD mandate, drivers can record their hours of service (HOS) on a secure cloud platform.

T-Mobile for Business fleet management solution Hours of Service required for some features. See HOS terms

Get actionable insights.

Boost productivity and save money by monitoring fuel usage, delivery routes, and more. Plus, maintenance reminders based on distance or time.

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Three easy ways fleet telematics can improve driver safety—and boost operational efficiency.

Fleet management telematic solutions provide a near real-time view of fleet activity across your entire fleet. Take a look at these three easy ways you can improve both your operational efficiency and fleet safety now.

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How fleet management can improve your bottom line.

Whether you manage transport logistics for a local delivery company, a national trucking corporation, or anything in between, it can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Discover the six key areas where smarter, integrated fleet management technology can help you.

Three devices showing charts and graphs along with a Geotab device Three devices showing charts and graphs along with a Geotab device Three devices showing charts and graphs along with a Geotab device

Get a fleet management device for FREE.

Activate a new fleet management line and business customers can get a fleet management device for free via 24 monthly bill credits.

Are you getting the right data from your fleet management provider?
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Solutions and resources

Explore how your workforce can use fleet management solutions and resources.
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Transportation services.

Monitor fleet maintenance needs with proactive vehicle health reports and track HOS compliance with auto time tracking.

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Field services

Construction, landscaping, plumbing—your business happens on-site. Get there more efficiently with near real-time data to help reduce fuel consumption and proactively monitor vehicle maintenance.

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Local delivery services

Food and beverage, dry cleaners, florists—time is money when it comes to your delivery fleet. Help your drivers make the best choices on routes and driving behaviors with fleet management solutions.

Yellow van along with multiple vans Yellow van along with multiple vans Yellow van along with multiple vans

Fleet management solution compatibility.

Our fleet management devices are compatible with most gas, diesel, and electric vehicles on the road today. They are typically installed out the way and out of sight. 

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Hear from our customers.

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We’re helping optimize fleet operations across a variety of industries.

From transportation to environmental services, businesses are benefiting from our fleet management solutions. In fact, over 60% achieved a ROI within one year.

Based on a Techvalidate survey of T-Mobile for Business fleet management customers; individual results & opinions may vary based on size and use of fleet.

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Benefits beyond the gas tank.

In a town where reputation is everything, World Class Facility Services tapped into our fleet management solutions to keep employees accountable and make operations more efficient.

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Cobb County syncs up to save.

Georgia’s third largest county needs to keep a 2,600 vehicle fleet running smoothly—and costs in check. Switching to our fleet management solutions led to faster response times and cost-saving optimizations.

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Geotab is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) T-Mobile has partnered with on the development of T-Mobile for Business fleet management solutions hardware and software.

T-Mobile for Business fleet management solutions are a family of products from T-Mobile for Business offered through our resell partner, Geotab. Geotab offers telematics solutions that allow both small and large businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle operations data with mission-critical assets.

T-Mobile for Business fleet management solutions offer a richer set of options through our partnership with Geotab. These expanded options are designed to help businesses better manage and track their fleet in the areas of expandability, productivity, fleet optimization, and compliance.

  • Base: This plan offers GPS location, VIN, Driver ID, and basic IOX support.
  • Regulatory: This plan offers all the features of the Base Plan, plus Hours of Service and IFTA. It is geared towards assisting fleets in meeting a range of compliance regulations.
  • Pro: This plan offers all the functionality of the Regulatory plan and adds support for engine and accelerometer data.
  • ProPlus: This plan offers the greatest functionality, including Active Tracking, which consists of live vehicle location capabilities. 

T-Mobile for Business Fleet Management Solutions are designed to support fleet management needs for industries including but certainly not limited to shipping/freight, delivery, transit, utilities, public safety, as well as state and federal government agencies.

T-Mobile for Business fleet management solutions scale to meet the needs of fleets of all sizes. Any company that manages vehicle assets can benefit from using any of the T-Mobile for Business fleet management solutions rate plans. Through our partnership with Geotab, we are now able to offer a range of solutions organizations need to cover their fleet management needs today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Yes, it’s called the Geotab GO device. It provides capabilities, safety features, and cost-savings to fleet customers that allow them to experience the following benefits:

  • Easy plug-and-play installation: Simply plug the small form-factor GO device into your vehicle’s OBD II port or using an adapter. There is no need for any dash-mounted antenna or any splicing of wires.
  • Accurate engine diagnostics: Using industry-leading engine integration, the Geotab GO device records VIN, odometer, engine faults, seat belt, and more so you can monitor vehicle health and status.
  • Secure communication: Geotab platform security is designed for end-to-end protection of your data.
  • Advanced vehicle tracking: The Geotab GO device offers advanced GPS technology including its new Global Navigation Satellite System for faster, g-force monitoring, IOX expandability, and engine and battery health assessments.
  • LTE Connectivity: The device communicates via T-Mobile’s reliable LTE network, so you’ll have service longevity and peace of mind your operations remain operable.

The cost for the service can range depending on your specific business requirements. For more information contact your T-Mobile representative. If you aren’t a T-Mobile customer, call 1-866-434-4785.

For a limited time, T-Mobile for Business customers who activate a qualifying line of Geotab Fleet service and purchase a new fleet management GO9 device through our monthly payment plan will get the GO9 device on us via monthly bill credits. If you cancel wireless service, credits stop and the remaining balance on the device becomes due.

Consumer, Government, and Individual Liable business account types are not eligible.

Only the Base rate plan is available in retail. You can only purchase the other rate plans by contacting your T-Mobile account representative.

No, there is no minimum purchase required.

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