Ensure that your fleet is running optimally. Spireon is a user-friendly, yet powerful fleet management solution designed to help businesses get the most out of drivers, vehicles, and assets. From simple GPS vehicle tracking to advanced in-vehicle video safety, Spireon's rich data is the backbone that drives fleet intelligence, productivity, and profitability.

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Product Benefits.

Reliable Fleet GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times. Locate your vehicles on demand. See breadcrumb trails. Setup geofences and landmarks. Generate and schedule automatic reports all from our cloud-based UI. Visibility on the go is also available to fleet managers via our Periscope mobile app.

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Driver Behavior Alerts & Monitoring

Identify and reduce risky and costly driver behaviors, such as speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling to lower insurance costs and fuel consumption.

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Increase Driver Satisfaction & Productivity.

Gain full visibility to dispatch vehicles and drivers more effectively with a live view of your fleet location, traffic conditions, and street maps. Keep track of when your drivers are in and out of landmarks.

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Advanced Vehicle Data

Get added fleet intelligence with FL360 Advanced. See true odometer, true engine hours, engine diagnostics, engine oil life, fuel level, seatbelt status, and more. Maintain a healthy fleet through alerts triggered by engine fault codes.

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Enhance driver safety with Spireon CamCoach.

As a dual-camera dashcam, Spireon CamCoach leverages AI to detect unsafe driving, trigger in-cab driver alerts, and more.

Enhance driver safety with Spireon CamCoach.

Spireon FL Flex 2™ with Temperature Monitoring.

Access real-time temperature data from anywhere to help keep your cargo safe and compliant.

Worker in front of truck uses Spireon Temperature Monitoring System.

Trailer and Powered Asset Management.

Track and manage all your critical assets from a single platform with Spireon.

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