Geotab Fleet Management

Geotab is a global leader in fleet telematics, leveraging data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity and enhance driver safety while achieving strong compliance and reducing fuel consumption. It features capacity for further native vehicle and electric vehicle support and the GO9, Geotab’s most advanced fleet tracker yet. Manage your entire fleet from one open platform with Geotab’s software that empowers agency decisions.

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Product benefits.

Driver Behavior Management and Coaching.

Increase overall fleet and driver safety, reduce fuel waste, and prevent unnecessary wear and tear with Geotab’s ability to track aggressive driving behavior and provide instant notifications to Fleet Managers.

Phone and screen showing directions with alert pop up

Advanced Fleet Routing and Optimization.

Save time and fuel with optimized route planning. MyGeotab software can help you assign geolocation zones and pickup and drop-off locations while accounting for traffic congestion.

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Fleet Management Protection.

Take a proactive approach to maintaining your fleet. Quickly identify active diagnostic issues as well as critical engine data through vehicle fault codes that can be emailed to you.

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Effortless ELD Compliance Solutions.

Keep accurate logs and alerts for when HOS is running low with simplified Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) and Driver Identification and Messaging.

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Get industry-leading technology with the new Surfsight Dash Cam from Geotab.

Introducing a smart, simple solution that delivers intelligent video, mitigating risk for fleets of all sizes, seamlessly woven into your Geotab experience.

Front and back views of the Surfsight Dash Cam for Geotab.

FREE Fleet Management Device.

For a limited time, get a fleet management device for FREE with new wireless service.

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Finding a robust, customized suite of time-and-money saving solutions.

Using Geotab, Wiseway Supply reinforces their commitment to investing in technology that adds value to customers.

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