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Innovate with Twilio.

We’ve partnered with Twilio to help developers rapidly accelerate the development of new narrowband IoT devices. Our developer kit offers everything you need to start exploring the possibilities of NB-IoT.

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Get the T-Mobile & Twilio NB-IoT developer kit.

This ready-to-go Arduino-based developer kit accelerates your NB-IoT solutions with a Twilio-integrated SIM for T-Mobile’s NB-IoT Network.

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Fast track your development.

Twilio’s Programmable Wireless platform provides a suite of SIM provisioning, device management, and data management APIs that let developers easily control, analyze, and monitor cellular connectivity from Twilio console or Twilio API.

2019 Hackathon

America’s first-ever NB-IoT Hackathon.

In partnership with Twilio and Microsoft Azure, more than 100 new and seasoned developers descended on the T-Mobile HQ to spend 24 nonstop hours designing, troubleshooting, and experimenting with NB-IoT. Here are the ideas that came out on top.

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First place: ShipShop

About 33% of global fresh produce is tossed due to spoilage. The team behind ShipShop developed an idea for a solution that could potentially leverage the capabilities of NB-IoT and e-commerce to create opportunities for shippers to sell produce at risk of spoilage.

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Second place: WildFox

Inspired to act by the many recent California forest fires, the WildFox team developed a concept for a solution that demonstrates the use of NB-IoT sensors for temperature, humidity, and GPS data. These sensors could potentially help scientists predict forest fires, and more.

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Third place: Curieosity

Thousands of radioactive sources are lost every year in the US, but NB-IoT sensors could potentially help account for them. Team Curieosity’s idea for an IoT solution would employ GPS, proximity, temperature, and humidity sensors over T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network to help increase national safety and security.


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If you’ve already developed a Twilio-based IoT solution for our NB-IoT network, let us help you with the next step—hardware or software certification.

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Get additional development help.

NB-IoT Solution Developer Protocols Guide.

Optimizing application performance on NB-IoT requires an understanding of the main messaging protocols. Get the guide to learn more.

Lightweight M2M 1.1: Managing Non-IP Devices in Celluar IoT Networks.

Learn more about LwM2M 1.1 capabilities for managing non-IP devices in networks and supporting NIDD over NB-IoT.

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