Episode 12 (Bonus): Mike Sievert

T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, sits down with Mike Katz to share his philosophy on risk-taking, how he’s navigated the challenges of merging with Sprint and becoming the new CEO in the middle of a pandemic. To close out the interview, Mike Sievert answers some questions from his Twitter followers.

Episode 11: Bobby Wagner

Six-time pro bowl selection and the star NFL linebacker and captain of the Seattle Seahawks, Bobby Wagner, talks to Mike Katz about how he got involved in business and entrepreneurship as a founding member and partner of Fuse Venture Partners.

Episode 10: Kishen Mangat

5G is a game-changer for businesses. Kishen Mangat, VP at Cisco, joins Mike Katz to discuss the future of 5G and how it’s going to unlock innovations for all types of industries.

Episode 9: Niko Medved

Coach Niko Medved, the Colorado State University men’s basketball team head coach, took on the challenge of rebuilding a culture. Coach Medved shares the attributes he looks for in people to help drive toward certain outcomes, and how he’s helping his players use their voices to effect positive change in their community.

Episode 8: Tony Thurmond

As the second African American California state superintendent and fourth to win statewide office, Tony Thurmond discusses why education is the greatest equalizer, what more needs to be done to bridge the schoolwork gap and digital divide, and how education plays a role in countering racism and bigotry.

Episode 7: Denise Dresser

All it takes is one idea to grow into a billion-dollar business. Denise Dresser, an EVP at Salesforce, was key to contributing to the company’s success. Hear from Denise on what it takes to become an effective business leader and what more needs to be done to foster gender equality in the workplace. Listen on:

Episode 6: CC Sabathia

Former professional baseball pitcher CC Sabathia discusses the intersection between baseball and business, along with how he turned his passion for philanthropy into his own apparel company. Listen on:

Episode 5: Daymond John

Entrepreneurial expert Daymond John talks about how to overcome the unique challenges faced by black-owned businesses. Listen on:

Episode 4: Reuben’s Brews

When the world changed, Reuben's Brews quickly adapted to embrace a more virtual customer, from launching a podcast to creating virtual meeting backgrounds of their breweries. Hear more about how they pivoted in this discussion with founders Adam and Grace Robbings. Listen on:

Episode 3: HomeMD Housecall Services

In a time where virtual healthcare is vital to maintain a healthy community, HomeMD Housecall Services improved their quality of care by shifting entirely to telemedicine. Get the full story with CEO Jim Tougas. Listen on:

Episode 2: TPH Global Solutions

TPH Global Solutions pivoted from making retail displays to helping protect lives. Hear from their president, David Schmidt, on how they shifted their business model rapidly to meet the community’s needs. Listen on:

Episode 1: Canlis

Hear from Mark Canlis, the third-generation owner of the James Beard Award-winning restaurant Canlis, who shares his experience of shifting from a fine-dining destination to a takeout and event-based restaurant. Listen on:

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