How focusing on digital can help your small business succeed.

Daymond John & Mike Katz aren’t just talking business—they’re talking small business. Watch them discuss how you can grow your customer base with digital tools like Facebook advertising.

Episode 8: Get FREE advertising on social media

How do you stand out on Instagram? Danielle Coke, better known as @OhHappyDani, built a following of over 457K with her social justice-inspired graphics. She discusses what it means to be an ally, the right way to expand your business into other areas, and how to deal with copyright issues.

Episode 7: How to have a successful crowdfunding campaign

Use your relationships for success. Veteran-owned Black 6 Coffee made an impact by helping frontline workers during Covid-19. Owner Joseph Zoleta discusses how he used crowdfunding to raise money for a coffee truck that could be mobilized to serve disaster sites around the country.

Episode 6: My BEST advice to land an investor

How to prioritize both growth vs. profitability in a tough economy. When Covid-19 hit, Liz Nolan from Portland Juice Co. saw her sales shift from retail to nearly 100% online. She and Daymond discuss the importance of expansion, pricing mistakes, and landing an investor.

Episode 5: How I'm growing my business during Covid-19

The power of video. Daymond talks with Cliff Hokanson from HHI Corporation about their mobile triage unit for Covid-19 patient overflow and how they could increase sales with video testimonials from real doctors on the front lines.

Episode 4: How to lose a sale in five seconds or less

Shontay Lundy took Black Girl Sunscreen from an Instagram launch to Target stores nationwide. She and Daymond discuss the importance of photographing your product and creating an online “experience” with a well-built website or you could lose sales.

Episode 3: Three tips from one of my top investments

From pitching to “Sharks” to owning two businesses. Joshua Esnard of The Cut Buddy talks about what it takes to run a successful business and why so many fail after their first setback. Joshua highlights the importance of being innovative, especially during a downturn.

Episode 2: Discover YOUR unique gift to your community

Coming together to support each other and grow is needed more than ever. Seattle restaurant owner Mark Canlis asks Daymond how to tap into what’s happening in the community and look out for employees and neighbors.

Episode 1: Entrepreneurship is a team sport

How do in-person dependent businesses connect with customers during Covid-19? Daymond chats with Reuben's Brews founder Adam Robbings to learn how he embraced a virtual customer model and started selling through social media.

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