How Smart Video Analytics can help improve your bottom line.

Meet the solution that combines video, IoT, analytics, and AI to enhance security, operations, and experience.

Today, many large businesses and educational institutions spend millions on video and security infrastructure, but often fail to capitalize on new technologies that can unlock the data and insights inherently available in video footage to help improve security and operations and, ultimately, maintain a healthy bottom line.

Managing the more common, but outdated, analog and digital video surveillance systems can be cumbersome and unproductive. State-of-the-art IoT solutions like Smart Video Analytics, however, are built to process high volumes of footage.

Recent studies show that as much as 98% of surveillance footage in businesses is never seen or acted upon. What’s more, up to 84% of companies reported security or fraud incidents last year—but 75% of companies also reported having problems with their video systems related to poor data storage or network issues. That combination means businesses are missing opportunities to achieve the best possible levels of security.

Smart Video Analytics from T-Mobile for Business has the power to help businesses reach higher levels of security by harnessing the full power of video footage to implement proactive security, increase video quality, maximize operations and experience, and even strengthen compliance. Here’s how.

Providing proactive security.

One of the primary types of video found in many businesses is security footage, and Smart Video Analytics (SVA) has the ability to elevate it beyond a passive asset to provide a new level of protection: proactive security.

SVA autonomously scans for threats and can quickly alert designated personnel to security issues, replacing passive video security and long response times with active monitoring and near real-time alerts. It can even identify left-behind objects and track items as small as a lighter to help identify potential threats and reduce losses.

These protections extend beyond objects to persons, giving businesses the ability to identify and monitor suspicious behavior, offering notifications of access to restricted areas, and more. With Direction Controller and Object and Intrusion Detection businesses are better able to protect their assets and prevent incidents and loss that can be costly in time and money thanks to automated alerts to designated responders on or off site of incident.

Increasing operational excellence.

The benefits of Smart Video Analytics extend far beyond enhancing security and include the ability to improve daily operations by analyzing video footage for insights that can help maximize operational excellence.

SVA empowers businesses to fully mine the rich data set they collect with video monitoring, integrating data from different video sources and applying advanced analytics to rapidly deliver insights with a variety of features that can improve operations and widen margins.

Activity Visualization features can analyze footage in any facility, from a department store to a stadium or museum, to generate heat maps of foot traffic that give businesses insight into people flow and dwell times, helping them develop more optimal floorplans and layouts. People Counter features can accurately track the number of persons passing through a defined area in a video stream, allowing supermarkets, shopping malls, railway stations and more to optimize planning and deployment of human resources.

Smart Video Analytics can even automatically measure the length and speed of queues to quickly alert employees to deploy when and where they are needed most. When combined, these features are a transformational shift in the amount and quality of insight businesses can gain into their operations, giving them unprecedented ability to reduce inefficiency and maximize profits.

Improving video quality and consistency.

Making the security and operational benefits of SVA possible is the increased level of footage clarity that the solution provides. Smart Video Analytics can improve the quality of footage itself by automatically addressing a variety of causes of video degradation, such as poor lighting or adverse weather conditions, to ensure excellent visibility.

Making this possible is Smart Video Analytics’ Video Enhancer features, which use AI to automatically apply filters that optimize video to help viewers see through inclement weather, reduce blur, and more. And because SVA is an adaptive solution it can respond to changes in the environment, making it ideal for monitoring both indoor and outdoor locations as well as areas with inconsistent lighting.

“With Smart Video Analytics, business decision makers can better protect their people, facilities, and products.”

With the potential for damage or disruption always present, SVA also offers automated built-in monitoring of camera health that can help to ensure video feeds themselves are not interrupted. Camera Health Monitoring can alert designated responders to both accidental and malicious video disruptions, from poor connectivity and picture quality, to tampering as subtle as repositioning a camera. With Smart Video Analytics, business decision makers can better protect their people, facilities, and products, and avoid the costly outcomes of interrupted visibility.

Your partner for simplified IoT.

With the ubiquity of video footage in business today, and the ability of Smart Video Analytics to transform visibility, security, and efficiency to improve the bottom line, the only question for businesses is how best to incorporate the technology. Fortunately, in implementation as with the solutions themselves, T-Mobile for Business is dedicated to making IoT easy for customers.

From simple scalability that allows businesses to integrate new and existing sources of video, to remote single pane of glass accessibility, a superior partner ecosystem, T-Mobile for Business makes the wealth of benefits from Smart Video Analytics simple to integrate and offers industry-leading expertise from concept to deployment.

T-Mobile for Business customers also have the flexibility of selecting from a wide range of connectivity options—from Wi-Fi, to an excellent 4G network, and for capable devices, the nation’s largest and fastest 5G network.

With the many benefits of Smart Video Analytics, and exceptional customer support every step of the way, there have never been more reasons for businesses to unlock the full power of their video footage and see how it can improve their bottom line.

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