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Welcome to Magenta Edge, an initiative helping small businesses get ahead. Using a growing library of original content, we're helping American small business owners learn and execute through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Magenta Edge has a foundational focus on Black-Owned small businesses, who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID, while offering educational programming, original stories, and insights for all entrepreneurs.
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Scaling For Growth In The Creative Economy

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The Value of Access to Resources

A digital workshop series for modern business owners.

Our interactive small business workshop series, taught by successful Black business leaders, can help you learn lessons you can act on today to grow your business.

Karl Franz Williams mixes a craft cocktail at a bar Karl Franz Williams mixes a craft cocktail at a bar Karl Franz Williams mixes a craft cocktail at a bar



Thursday, March 11, 1pm ET. Join nationally recognized restauranteur Karl Franz Williams as he discusses ways for small businesses to finance their company—and provides insight into helping small business owners assess what is the right approach for their business.

  • Lesson 1: Access to knowledge & opportunity resources
  • Lesson 2: Access to capital
  • Lesson 3: Access to community networks

Putting real small businesses in the spotlight.

Our original Spotlight Series showcases teachable moments along the small business journey, while highlighting the distinct experiences of Black small business owners.

How Cecile's Bath And Body Built A Brand Through Personal Connection And Customer Relationships.

Follow Jackie Granchamps, founder of Cecile's Bath and Body, as she shares her journey of building her business as a sole proprietor, combining her personal touch and family legacy to connect with customers, and the role CRM plays in building customer relationships.

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How BOOMBOX Boxing Club Pivoted During COVID To Keep Their Gym Booming.

Follow the story of Reggie Smith & Angela Jennings, co-founders and owners of BOOMBOX Boxing Club. Take a deep dive into how Reggie & Angela built an operational strategy to support a variety of trainers and clientele as well as how they adapted to COVID-19 restrictions in a business dependent on physical interaction.

Image of The ZEN Succulent CEO Megan Cain in her store.
How the ZEN Succulent Utilized Smart Bookkeeping And COVID-19 Relief For Business Growth.

The ZEN Succulent is a modern terrarium based in Durham, NC. See how Founder/CEO Megan Cain managed the tax implications of business growth and COVID-19 relief (PPP Program), to build and sustain a business born out of her passion for urban gardening.

The Magenta Edge educational content experience is an initiative to help small business owners get ahead.

These eight foundational themes cover the ins and outs of the small business journey and provide resources to help you set the pace for your success.

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Marketing & Communications

Find Out How To Market Your Small Business Through Smart Targeting And Storytelling.

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Access & Resources

Insight On Local And Federal Resources Available To Aspiring Small Business Owners.

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Business Operations

Find Out How To Develop A Proper Business Structure For Operational Efficiency.

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Generational Longevity

Understand How To Prepare Your Business For Generational Succession.

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Profit, Scalability, & Growth

Learn About Driving A Business To Profitability, Scaling Up, And Identifying Growth Opportunities.

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Navigating Barriers

Acknowledging And Addressing Systemic Barriers Black Business Owners May Face In Entrepreneurship.

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Explore The Intricate Details Of Tax Issues Facing Small Business Owners.

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Insights On Leveraging Business Credit To Finance A Small Business And Building Business Credit During COVID-19.

More resources to help your business thrive.

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How To Deliver The Right Marketing Message At The Right Time In The Buyer’s Journey.

Connect with customers throughout the buyer’s journey. Find out how to create “buyer’s journey” marketing content—and meet customers where they are.

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How To Make Meetings Productive—And Painless.

Host more productive meetings. Get simple tips for running effective meetings online and in person—and get more done in less time.

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The Small Biz Secret Weapon: Advantages Of Small Businesses Over Larger Businesses.

Agility. It’s one of the biggest advantages of small businesses over large businesses. Find out how to make the most of it.

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