Addressing systemic barriers Black business owners may face in entrepreneurship.

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Navigating Barriers

Acknowledging and addressing systemic barriers Black business owners may face in entrepreneurship.

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Navigating systemic barriers to entrepreneurship

Join Jewel Burks Solomon, Head of Google Startups in the US and Managing Partner of Collab Capital, as she explores how to anticipate and recognize barriers and bias as an entrepreneur and identifies tactics to overcome them in the funding ecosystem and in contract procurement.


Lesson 1

Overcoming bias in the funding ecosystem.


Lesson 2

Navigating barriers in procurement.


Lesson 3

Building mental fortitude.

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How Abbey Creek Winery overcame systemic barriers in the wine industry to thrive.

Abbey Creek Winery is a boutique vineyard in Portland, Oregon. Wine-making is known as an industry with a high barrier to entry, typically reserved for those with a family legacy in the business, and/or those with deep enough pockets to get a foot in the door. See how founder Bertony Faustin, the first Black winemaker in the state, is not just overcoming barriers, he’s smashing them down.

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Overcoming funding ecosystem bias.

By most accounts, raising funding for an early-stage startup or business venture is extremely difficult – especially for women and Black founders. In this article, Jewel Burks Solomon shares three ways in which she navigated the funding ecosystem for her startup and her venture fund, Collab Capital.

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About the workshop expert.

Jewel Burks Solomon
Head of Google Startups in the US

Jewel Burks Solomon is the Head of Google for Startups in the US. In this role, Jewel works to level the playing field for underrepresented startup founders and communities by connecting them with the best of Google’s products, people, and best practices. In addition to this role, Jewel also serves as Managing Partner at Collab Capital, an alternative investment fund she launched to close the funding gap for Black entrepreneurs. 

Prior to leading Google for Startups and Collab Capital, Jewel was Founder/CEO of Partpic, a startup that was acquired by Amazon in 2016, which streamlined the purchase of maintenance and repair parts using computer vision technology. After the acquisition of Partpic, Jewel became a product leader at Amazon’s Visual Search and AR team. She led the integration of Partpic’s technology and launched it as Amazon PartFinder in 2018 to the over 150M users of Amazon’s Mobile Shopping App.

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The Magenta Edge educational content experience is an initiative to help small business owners get ahead.

These eight foundational themes cover the ins and outs of the small business journey and provide resources to help you set the pace for your success.

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Marketing & Communications

Find out how to market your small business through smart targeting and storytelling.

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Access & Resources

Insight on local and federal resources available to aspiring small business owners.

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Business Operations

Find out how to develop a proper business structure for operational efficiency.

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Generational Longevity

Understand how to prepare your business for generational succession.

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Profit, Scalability, & Growth

Learn about driving a business to profitability, scaling up, and identifying growth opportunities.

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Navigating Barriers

Acknowledging and addressing systemic barriers Black business owners may face in entrepreneurship.

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Explore the intricate details of tax issues facing small business owners.

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Insights on leveraging business credit to finance a small business and building business credit during Covid-19.

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