Understand how to prepare your business for generational succession.

Generational Longevity

Understand how to prepare your business for generational succession.

Creating a multi-generational business plan.

You built your small business to last, and with the right plan your business can last for generations to come. A multi-generational business needs to have the right succession plan, and we’ve got the tips to help. Watch digital workshops and get advice from real business owners like you for ways to plan for generational longevity.

Watch a replay of the multi-generational business digital workshop.

Subject matter expert Lauren Miller


The pathway to succession planning & generational longevity

Join Lauren Miller, Director of Business Development at Miller3 Consulting, for best practices on succession planning, community reinvestment, and long-term positioning. Plus, see how to transfer small business ownership and responsibility from one generation to the next.

Subject matter expert Lauren Miller


Lesson 1

Steps to succession planning & responsibility transfer.

Subject matter expert Lauren Miller


Lesson 2

How to reinvest in the community.

Subject matter expert Lauren Miller


Lesson 3

Long-term positioning.

More multi-generational business resources to help your business get ahead.

Nate Evans

How an author is building a generational legacy.

Nate Evans, Jr. is many things: author, speaker, mentor, podcaster, and mental health advocate. To create his own legacy, he knows he has to make a lasting impact. Watch to see the importance of reflection and intentionality in building a multi-generational business that will endure.

Staff of Big Mama’s Kitchen stand in front of a portrait of Patricia “Big Mama” Barron


How Big Mama’s Kitchen solidified its status in Omaha, NE across four generations.

Big Mama’s Kitchen has been passed down through four generations of the Barron Family. It grew from a home-based catering business founded by Patricia “Big Mama” Barron, to a brick and mortar recognized by Food Network. See how this family business, with deep community roots in North Omaha’s rich Black history, is solidifying its position in the future of the city.

Father and son stand together in their guitar-building workshop.

Getting your employees onboard after a transition of leadership in the family business.

Whether you’re an experienced executive or just getting started at the helm of an established family business, you need your employees to be part of the process. Learn about four key areas to focus on.

Two coffee shop workers lean over a counter in front of a laptop, having a discussion

The new product development process: extending the life of your brand.

Explore the 7 stages of developing new products and services, as well as several things to consider before you get started.

Person who owns a local business standing in front of their local coffee shop.

How to use local marketing to build a lasting business.

Focusing on the needs of your community can help small business owners achieve long-term success. Here are three community marketing methods that could help your business resonate and stand out with your local community.

Woman in a Howard sweatshirt sits on her desk, looking at the camera, with a larger black and white framed photo of a man nearby.

3 succession planning priorities to consider.

Support, time & responsibility, and circumstantial planning are the three top considerations all family businesses should consider when it comes to succession.

Man and woman look at young child standing between them.

E-book: 10-step checklist to succession planning.

Preparing a family business for generational succession doesn't have to be daunting. Download this simple 10-step checklist from Lauren Miller of Miller3 Consulting, that outlines steps she took when taking over her family business.

About the multi-generational business workshop expert.

Lauren Miller
Business Development at Miller3 Consulting

Lauren Miller is the Director of Business Development at Miller3 consulting, a second-generation consulting firm founded by her father. A daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and family business is woven into the fabric of Lauren's DNA. But not until Lauren’s father became terminally ill did this reveal itself in a way that ultimately changed her forever. 

Taking on the role as her father’s caregiver came with the task of securing his legacy and preparing her and her siblings for his departure. She became a student of her father, learning his business, his life, but most importantly understanding her lineage—a 150-year legacy of entrepreneurship rooted in agriculture. Lauren learned the true meaning of legacy and how each generation has a responsibility to foster opportunity for the next.

Subject matter expert Lauren Miller Subject matter expert Lauren Miller Subject matter expert Lauren Miller Subject matter expert Lauren Miller

The Magenta Edge educational content experience is an initiative to help small business owners get ahead.

These eight foundational themes cover the ins and outs of the small business journey and provide small business resources to help you set the pace for your success.

Marketing & Communications

Find out how to market your small business through smart targeting and storytelling.

Access & Resources

Insight on local and federal resources available to aspiring small business owners.

Business Operations

Find out how to develop a proper business structure for operational efficiency.

Generational Longevity

Understand how to prepare your business for generational succession.

Profit, Scalability, & Growth

Learn about driving a business to profitability, scaling up, and identifying growth opportunities.

Navigating Barriers

Acknowledging and addressing systemic barriers Black business owners may face in entrepreneurship.


Explore the intricate details of tax issues facing small business owners.


Insights on leveraging business credit to finance a small business and building business credit during Covid-19.

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