Transform manufacturing operations management today and lead tomorrow.

As manufacturing evolves, unlock new levels of flexibility, efficiency, and productivity for your business by digitally transforming your production processes with our Advanced Industry Solutions.

Drive innovation in a new era of intelligent manufacturing.

Transform your production from the factory floor to the cloud. Join industry leaders who are using 5G to get the most out of advanced manufacturing technologies such as IoT and data analytics.

  • Connect and empower your employees.

    Your employees are the core of your operations. Help keep them safe, secure, and satisfied with technologies such as AR/VR workplace training and AI-powered security to help them perform at their best.

  • Transform your facilities.

    Help connect, secure, and optimize your sites—from factories to corporate campuses—with connectivity capable of supporting all your 5G-powered technologies.

  • Streamline your supply chain.

    Fuel continuous improvement, drive efficiencies, and ensure business resilience with advanced IoT manufacturing technologies designed to optimize every stage of your product lifecycle and supply chain.

  • Enjoy expert partnerships tailored for your business.

    Leading businesses need leading partners. Let our experts help you unlock the benefits of automation, IoT, AI, mobile connectivity, edge computing, and more, to transform your business into a data-driven manufacturer.


Connect operations to boost reliability, optimize processes, and safeguard your workforce.

A technician in a safety vest checks a tablet at an automated assembly line.

3 ways 5G smart factories will transform manufacturing.

Find out how 5G + Internet of Things (IoT) will help revolutionize the manufacturing industry through sensor support, factory operations optimization, and advanced automation.

Up close view of hands in safety gear working using a tool, with some sparks in the air.

Why is 5G a game changer for your network?

With the availability of high-speed, low-latency 5G wireless networks, manufacturers can gain high reliability and the capacity to support vastly more end devices—and the ability to improve existing applications or enable new ones.

An engineer holding plans and wearing an AR headset on a job site gestures at something in her virtual space.

How 5G is transforming manufacturing and construction with augmented reality.

Connecting AR technology to 5G networks opens numerous opportunities for businesses to improve their operations. From supporting equipment maintenance to optimizing parts repair, find out how advanced manufacturing and construction companies can use the tech.

A man in a workshop checks his smart watch.

How wearable devices can boost safety from the job site to the factory floor.

Interested in enhancing worker safety across your manufacturing or construction sites? Intelligent manufacturing solutions like smart wearables connected to a fast and reliable wireless network can provide the real-time information needed to protect your employees.

Solutions for manufacturers

Advanced Industry Solutions for manufacturers.

Icon of a computer screen with a magenta Wi-Fi signal on it

Connectivity management.

Our 5G network can provide facility-wide coverage for all devices with advanced connectivity needs, such as AR/VR equipment and automated robotics.

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Asset and inventory tracking.

A manufacturing solution set that seamlessly combines outdoor product tracking throughout the supply chain and indoor precision tracking inside warehouses and distribution centers.

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Safety and security.

Help provide safer working conditions with tools that can detect threats and call security with a press of a button.

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Operational efficiencies.

Tools to keep your operation running smoothly while keeping you in compliance with safety regulations.

Let’s talk about how manufacturing is evolving.

Labor and recruiting

How technology is assisting in labor supply.

Woman in AR goggles gestures into the air.

How augmented reality helps manufacturers handle the labor crunch.

Learn how adopting mature, mobile, network-based AR manufacturing solutions can help to preserve your company’s technical expertise, improve training, and boost worker productivity.

Two hands hold a tablet displaying a technical drawing with specifications.

Why technology is critical to closing the supply chain labor gap.

Many supply chains are turning to advanced manufacturing technologies to alleviate labor shortages. T-Mobile is here to help support these efforts with 5G network solutions that can power smart factories, IoT, AR, and more.

IoT solutions

Our 5G network can enable IoT solutions that help monitor and control operations from the factory floor to your fleet.

Worker in safety vest and hard hat discusses blueprints with worker in business attire.

How business leaders can speed up IoT deployments.

To create better, more manageable, large-scale IoT deployments, it’s important to choose a mobile network operator that can package frequency band options (including 5G), software vendor partnerships, account and contract streamlining, and a full slate of IoT lifecycle support services.

Container ship in motion across a channel, with magenta lines of light sweeping across the scene.

Today’s most dynamic and innovative IoT management platforms.

Help accelerate business growth by harnessing the power of IoT through custom platforms and flexible manufacturing solutions—such as agile activation services, dynamic cost controls, SIM ordering and lifecycle management tools, and the ability to monitor devices and device usage in real time.

An expert partnership

Let’s build solutions for a new era of intelligent manufacturing.

Overhead view of automated assembly line for automobile manufacturing.

Advanced Industry Solutions are digitally transforming manufacturing.

Unlock the value of industry 4.0 to implement advanced manufacturing tools and data-driven processes for more flexible production, reduced waste, and enhanced productivity.

Icons of a laptop connected to a factory, robotic arm, and a piece of equipment.

Manufacturing leaders have the tools they need to optimize costs and drive efficiencies.

Learn how to meet the four most urgent goals for making smart factory investments—increasing operational efficiency, improving predictive maintenance, increasing supply chain transparency, and boosting workforce retention and productivity.

Overhead view of two workers in a manufacturing room with equipment and cables.

How intelligent manufacturing stays a step ahead with 5G.

In a business that lives by seconds and cents, 5G can help to make the smart factory even more responsive and cost efficient.

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