5G is essential to faster innovation and better business outcomes. Why? Because as the demands on your network increase, you need technology that can keep up.

We built the nation's largest 5G network to help companies communicate more effectively, yield better insights, and innovate faster.

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5G beyond the walls of business

Business breakthroughs don't just happen on-site—innovation can strike anywhere. Now’s the time to lay the foundation for what's next, so your business can be ready wherever inspiration happens. More than offering transformative connectivity, 5G can help you build the right partnerships and solutions to foster ongoing innovation.

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Why 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are better together.

Fast, reliable connectivity is paramount to digital transformation. Where Wi-Fi 6 is ideal for indoor and on-campus experiences, 5G extends that connectivity outdoors and off-campus, making rich experiences like video conferencing and VR possible in more places. But the real advantage comes from using both 5G and Wi-Fi 6 together.

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Unlocking Industry 4.0.

5G-enabled IoT is revolutionizing manufacturing with unprecedented connectivity. From fixed sensors to mobile devices, 5G’s higher reliability and lower latency can help you connect and act on data faster, optimize production efficiency and quality, reduce downtime, and boost profits.

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Taking AI to the next level.

What do autonomous robots, real-time video analytics, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) all have in common? The answer is artificial intelligence. 5G takes this even further, fueling faster insights and smarter actions from factory production to worker safety and better patient care.

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Five ways 5G makes IoT better.

The benefits of 5G extend well beyond smartphone use cases. Here we explore key ways 5G unlocks use cases from critical IoT applications requiring very low latency to sensing at massive scale.

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A new level of automation.

Realizing the benefits of automation depends on the connectivity you use. 5G's advanced networking capabilities extend automation beyond the reach of cables and fixed machines, making it easier for businesses like yours to cut operating costs, boost uptime, improve accuracy, and more.

Greater efficiency at scale.

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Breakthroughs in efficiency and flexibility with 5G.

Businesses are embracing innovative technologies like robotics and AI to increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce costs. 5G private networks and multi-access edge computing make it all possible.

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5G private networks: more control and customization.

A 5G private network can offer your business increased high-performance mobility, support data intensive applications, provide on-site privacy, and other advantages.

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5G and MEC: a more responsive business system.

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) brings enterprise applications closer to where your data is created. That enables real-time data flow, yielding real-time insights, automation, and optimized processes.

How 5G is driving innovation.

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Optimize resources with network slicing.

Network slicing with 5G can direct your cellular bandwidth to the areas it’s needed most, enabling advanced specialized services and greater efficiency and experiences across your business.

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Accelerating key insights and actions with URLLC.

From more seamless factory automation to smarter healthcare, 5G is designed to support business-critical use cases thanks to ultra-reliable, low-latency communications. The potential for nearly instantaneous responses and calibration means URLLC will play a key role supporting just-in-time manufacturing, new kinds of robot-assisted surgeries, and more.

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Massive sensing, bigger insights.

An increasingly connected, sensor-driven world demands connectivity that can scale with it. As sensor networks scale into the millions, massive machine-type communications in 5G will help companies collect and make sense of the resulting data. What could this mean for your business?

How 5G enables excellent customer and employee experiences.

5G is linking businesses with astonishing speed and low latency to deliver real value in real time. Whether it’s consumers enjoying more personalized experiences online and in-store or businesses freeing up deskless workers to solve problems in minutes instead of days, see why 5G lays the foundation for innovation.

The right spectrum for the right job: how 5G optimizes your network.

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How 5G improves insights and decision-making.

5G is unlocking new data-driven insights that help businesses navigate supply chain issues, identify emerging trends, and deploy predictive maintenance.

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Why mid-band is mighty.

With a balance of speed, capacity, coverage, and ability to pass through buildings, mid-band spectrum in 5G is ideally suited to handle a wide range of business needs. Reliable business internet for your branch office? Done. Drone inspections on the work site? You bet. But that’s just the beginning.

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Why more 5G spectrum bands make a better network.

With a combination of low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum, 5G works like a universal connectivity toolkit. Having access to all three bands makes it possible to enable a wide range of use cases across your company. From agile supply chain logistics in rural areas to data-intensive performances and experiences in arenas, 5G can fit your needs.

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Approaching zero: taking 5G latency to the limit.

Low latency is helpful in a voice or video call. But it becomes critical in use cases like virtual reality entertainment, smart factories, or remotely-piloted trucks. How close can we get to zero latency with 5G?

Launching your business into the 5G era.

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Get started quickly and successfully.

A well-conceived 5G implementation plan balances growing demands for advanced wireless capabilities with a long-term vision, creating new efficiencies and opportunities.

Success stories of digital transformation with 5G.

Staying on the cutting edge means reimagining your enterprise to meet changing market needs. Learn from peers and experts how 5G has been a catalyst for helping business leaders achieve four key imperatives: streamlining operations, empowering employees with the right tools, keeping customers happy, and supporting development for new products and services.

Image of machinery, with virtual details overlaid on it Image of machinery, with virtual details overlaid on it Image of machinery, with virtual details overlaid on it Image of machinery, with virtual details overlaid on it

Frequently asked questions about 5G.

We’ve compiled questions from business leaders on their own path to digital transformation with 5G. Get advice on how 5G improves security, differs from Wi-Fi 6, and more.

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