Increasingly secure networks for ongoing innovation

As the number of connected devices in your business keeps growing, 5G's built-in security enhancements and reliability can help you innovate with confidence.

5G is the most secure mobile network to date.

Data is a precious resource for any organization, and protecting that data is crucial. 5G offers new layers of protection and high reliability with its advanced security features. How secure are we talking? Scroll down and see how 5G is strengthening technologies like edge computing, IoT, and more.
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Why 5G is more secure by design.

Compared with earlier mobile-network technologies, 5G offers a range of security improvements. 5G Standalone is at the heart of this advantage.

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5G’s built-in security features offer expansive protection.

More connected devices mean greater potential for security threats. The good news: 5G supports enterprise security from the ground up.

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5G helps secure the Internet of Things at scale.

The exponential growth of IoT deployments can pose important security considerations. More than just connectivity, 5G is part of the answer.

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How 5G enhances protection for edge computing use cases.

5G and edge computing are a powerful combination extending low-latency performance to more devices in more places, boosting operational efficiencies, and making digital transformations more secure. 

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