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Learn about eSIMs and how you can use them with T-Mobile. 


What's an eSIM?

  • Embedded SIM (eSIM) is just a physical SIM gone digital. Like a physical SIM card, an eSIM provides your connection to the T-Mobile network.
  • An eSIM is built into your device. You activate it with your account information rather than inserting a physical SIM.
  • Some devices can accommodate both an eSIM and a physical SIM at the same time, so you can have two wireless accounts with talk, text, and data on one device.


Why an eSIM?

eSIM is great for anyone who wants to use both their work and personal numbers on a single smartphone, if you want to easily set up your phone with an international carrier for extended stays outside the U.S., or you just want to get rid of that SIM card. Plus, AT&T and Verizon customers can activate a separate T-Mobile plan on their existing smartphone.


How can I activate an eSIM?

  • Most T-Mobile customers can simply change their SIM using the device EID, then download the eSIM. To find your EID:
  • iPhone: From the home screen, tap Settings > General > About.
  • Android: From the list of apps, tap Settings > About Phone > SIM Status or Status Information.
  • Some devices can transfer or activate an eSIM right from the device. To see if that's available, check the Apple or Samsung tutorials.
  • T-Mobile Prepaid customers with an iPhone must download and install the T-Mobile Prepaid eSIM app.


Download your eSIM

  • T-Mobile Postpaid customers with iPhones will automatically be prompted to download the eSIM if connected to Wi-Fi. Just tap the notification to install.
  • T-Mobile Prepaid customers with an iPhone automatically download their eSIM when they activate with the T-Mobile Prepaid eSIM app.
  • For other devices, follow the steps below to use a QR code or type in the information.

Scan the QR code / enter eSIM information

  1. Make sure you've already activated your eSIM online or with a T-Mobile Expert.
  2. Update your device software to the latest version.
  3. Connect your device to Wi-Fi and make sure you can access the internet.
  4. Scan the QR Code or manually enter the information below. For steps, choose your Device and click Connections & Network > eSIM settings.

  • Activation code: [Blank]
  • Confirmation code: [Blank]


Get help


What else do I need to know?

What smartphones are compatible with eSIM?
Currently, iPhone XS and newer models, Pixel 3 and newer models, Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, Samsung Galaxy S21 series, and Motorola Razr 5G are compatible with the T-Mobile eSIM solution if you're running the latest software. Our Retail Mobile Experts or Customer Care Experts can help you determine if your phone is compatible. You can also visit our device page, search for your device, and review the Features section. If eSIM is listed as one of the SIM solutions, then T-Mobile supports eSIM for your device.
I want to switch to T-Mobile and use eSIM on my compatible smartphone. How do I do that?
First, you’ll want to check with your current wireless service provider that your phone is unlocked so you can use it on the T-Mobile network. Then, visit a T-Mobile retail store or contact our Customer Care Experts to get set up with the right rate plan for you, and to port your current mobile number to T-Mobile on eSIM.
I’m a T-Mobile for Business customer. Can I activate an eSIM on my compatible phone? What if I have multiple phones I want to activate with eSIM?
At this time, small business customers with 12 lines or less can activate eSIM on a compatible phone if they can be serviced in a T-Mobile retail store. eSIM is not available in the T-Mobile for Business Direct channel at this time.
I’m a T-Mobile Prepaid customer. Can I activate an eSIM on my compatible phone?
Prepaid customers using eSIM capable iOS phones can activate a line of service on eSIM in the T-Mobile eSIM app. eSIM for Prepaid customers using Android devices is not available at this time.
Can I use the same rate plan on eSIM as I do for a physical SIM? Can I keep my current rate plan when I move to eSIM?
Yes! When you activate a new line of service for your smartphone’s eSIM, you will have the same rate plan choices you would for a physical SIM. If you want to swap your existing T-Mobile line of service to eSIM, then you will keep the same rate plan.
What happens if I accidentally delete my eSIM from my phone? How do I get it back?
  • It’s easy! Just follow the steps to Activate an eSIM again and you’ll be back up in no time.
  • For Samsung, it’s even easier! Go to Settings > Connections > SIM card manager > Add mobile plan and choose Recover your plan.
Does this mean that you have my data backed up somewhere when I want to delete it?
No, T-Mobile does not maintain your personal data. When you need a replacement for an eSIM, we reissue a new eSIM profile to you.
What’s the difference between DIGITS and eSIM?
DIGITS Talk & Text is an optional talk & text feature that can be added to your T-Mobile plan. It gives you the ability to use two T-Mobile phone numbers on the same device – for example one personal and one business. DIGITS does not include data – you must use your primary line’s data connection. DIGITS is accessed via the DIGITS app or a web browser. Data with paired DIGITS allows up to five devices to share the same T-Mobile phone number.

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