T-Mobile USA Makes Wi-Fi Easier than Ever

March 11, 2004

T-Mobile HotSpot Customers Get More With Easy to-Use Software to Enhance their Wi-Fi Experience

T-Mobile HotSpot customers Get More value today as T-Mobile USA, Inc. introduces free software that makes locating and using its 4,200 HotSpot locations simpler and more convenient than ever before.

The T-Mobile Connection Manager software enables customers to automatically detect and logon to the T-Mobile HotSpot network, and is the only software program that provides the most up-to-date location information for all T-Mobile HotSpots.

The Connection Manager software is available to download for free at www.t-mobile.com/hotspot. Starting in April, free CD versions of the software will also be available at T-Mobile retail stores and participating T-Mobile HotSpot locations.

Whether using the T-Mobile HotSpot service to surf the Web or to conduct business through an employer intranet site, the T-Mobile Connection Manager makes it simple for customers to get online with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or PDA. The T-Mobile Connection Manager software quickly detects T-Mobile HotSpots and signs the user on to the network without the hassles of configuring network settings. If a customer uses company-supplied VPN software, the T-Mobile HotSpot Connection Manager will launch the VPN user interface once the customer is logged on to the Wi-Fi network.

In addition, the T-Mobile Connection Manager has a built-in directory of T-Mobile HotSpot locations, so busy customers can find the Wi-Fi enabled venue closest to their next destination - whether it's the nearest Starbucks first thing in the morning; an airport club or lounge during a layover; a Kinko's branch to put the final touches on a presentation; or a Borders and Books and Music store in the evening.

T-Mobile USA continues to weave Wi-Fi into the fabric of peoples' everyday lives. "We are constantly taking steps to make Wi-Fi easy, convenient and more secure for our customers. The T-Mobile Connection Manager software continues that effort" said Joe Sims, vice president and general manager for T-Mobile HotSpot. "Now people can easily locate T-Mobile HotSpots on their laptops and can be automatically connected when they come in contact with a HotSpot."

T-Mobile USA was the first U.S. wireless carrier to embrace Wi-Fi as a complement to its wireless voice and data services. With T-Mobile HotSpot and a national all-digital, GSM/GPRS voice and high-speed data network, T-Mobile USA provides comprehensive wireless service, all on a single bill.

Lindsay Morio

T-Mobile USA Media Relations



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