T-Mobile Brightens the Holidays for Sprint Customers with an Extra $200 per Person

November 24, 2015

Un-carrier extends its month of holiday gift-giving to beleaguered Sprint customers, stuck on the nation’s slowest and smallest 4G LTE network, with an extra $200 for each and every line they bring to T-Mobile… no trade-in required

Bellevue, Washington — November 25, 2015 — Earlier this week, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) kicked off Un-carrier Unwrapped − a full month of holiday gift-giving − with a gift of unlimited high-speed data to current postpaid Simple Choice customers. For its second gift, T-Mobile today announced plans to give an extra $200 to long-suffering Sprint customers for every line they switch to the Un-carrier. No strings. No hassle. And, no trade-in required.

For those on Sprint’s Unlimited LTE plans, there’s never been a better time to come to the Un-carrier with T-Mobile’s lowest price for Unlimited LTE ever – just $45 per line for a family of four! And Sprint customers still qualify for T-Mobile’s Carrier Freedom and up to $650 or more per line to cover Sprint’s early termination fees (ETFs) or the balance owed on your Sprint phone plan, with phone trade-in when you switch your number to T-Mobile.

“I cannot think of any wireless customers in more desperate need of some holiday cheer than those Sprint customers still hanging on over there,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “Those poor people have put up with the nation’s slowest and smallest LTE network, and their carrier throwing out a deal-of-the-month for everyone except them. We know Sprint’s customers love T-Mobile when they switch, so this holiday season, we’re taking away every barrier and cost to coming over to the Un-carrier and America’s fastest 4G LTE network. Happy holidays!”

T-Mobile’s network is not only the nation’s fastest LTE network, it’s also the nation’s fastest-growing. Since last year, T-Mobile’s added more than a million square miles of super-fast LTE coverage. T-Mobile’s network now covers 304 million Americans – a virtual dead heat with Verizon and AT&T. Meanwhile, according to nationwide crowd-sourced speed tests, Sprint’s LTE network routinely lags at the back of the pack with the slowest speeds in the nation and smallest population covered.

For customers fed up with Sprint’s slow speeds and limited coverage, getting your $200 gift couldn’t possibly be simpler. Just switch any Sprint number – including postpaid, prepaid, Boost and Virgin Mobile – over to a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan starting this Thursday, November 26 and you’ll automatically get a $200 credit on your bill. That’s $200 multiplied by as many lines as you switch. For a family of four, that could mean $800 extra, and for a business with 10 employees, we’re talking about a $2,000 credit!

This holiday season, for a limited time, families can get four lines of Unlimited 4G LTE data for the unheard of price of just $45 a line—T-Mobile’s lowest price for Unlimited LTE ever! Which means a family on Sprint’s Unlimited LTE plan could save nearly 30% by switching to T-Mobile. And, they’ll get all of T-Mobile’s Un-carrier extras like the ability to use your phone in Mexico and Canada like you do at home, unlimited global data roaming and texting in more than 140 countries, free streaming movies with Binge On and more.

Still to come as part of Un-carrier Unwrapped, T-Mobile will be delivering additional gifts to Verizon and AT&T customers over the next few weeks—so stay tuned!

Offer valid where available; see T-Mobile.com or visit a store for details. Limited time offers; subject to change. Taxes & fees additional. Qualifying service required. Must maintain active service and be in good standing when credit is processed; credit may not appear on first bill cycle. Binge On: One SD rental/mo. on selected service via 30-day promo code. Learn more at T-Mobile.com.
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