Here’s to Four Diverse & Inclusive Years!

October 20, 2017

A BIG thing happened at T-Mobile four years ago this month — the Diversity & Inclusion team launched not one, not two, but six employee network groups. And, led by employees determined to make a difference, those networks set out to create an environment where everyone at T-Mobile could bring their whole selves to work. Every. Single. Day.

Four years later, nearly one in five T-Mobile employees are members of at least one of these D&I networks, each doing their part to support a gloriously diverse and inclusive company. And there are now 29 D&I chapters across the nation in our stores, call centers and regional business offices. Here are a few things the networks and chapters have accomplished this year alone:

  • 54 Pride parades in 29 states with upwards of 4,000 T-Mobile participants
  • Completed T-Mobile's first-ever Stand Against Racism campaign
  • Participated in Special Olympics events in 7 states with 450 volunteers
  • MLK events in 10 states with more than 1,100 participants
  • Veterans initiatives in 20 states with 860 participants,
  • Made T-Mobile a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality and Disability Inclusion

In short, 2017 has been a busy time for D&I network members across the country. And our thanks go out to all those employees who worked hard to make sure everyone at T-Mobile feels valued, respected and heard.

But there’s always more good work to be done. So, all employees are invited to join T-Mobile’s mission of making this a place where everyone can bring their whole selves to work. After all, the best way to celebrate four years of diversity and inclusion is by joining up for our fifth.